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One Flesh

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One Flesh

This is my sad love story. It is raw, very honest and blunt. Many will be repelled by it and think I am a monster, a crazy man, but it is my true journey, a journey to become “one flesh” with one woman.

Life presents many obstacles in search of the true meaning to existence. As a philosopher, I have done nothing, intellectually, but wrestle with my search for truth and the truth of my own existence. This has underscored everything I have done in my life. The same is with my search for real love. And, likewise, as I wrestle with seeking truth to my existence, I have also relentlessly wrestled with love. What is it? How do I know when it is for real? What does it really feel like? Is it resistant to all sins? Does it truly forgive wrongdoing? Are there different aspects of it? Is it just emotion? Or, is it the actual meaning of life? I don’t know, but I want to know. One thing I do know, and this is the moral to this story: avoid lying as much as possible when trying to figure out your own heart. Lying can become very destructive and the loss from it unbearable. Mistakes are truly our greatest teachers. Lying creates false perception even though the journey’s intent is genuine.

This short story is about my most honest and genuine attempt to answer the former questions about love. I have yet to answer them, but the last heart I connected too has been the closest I have come, I truly believe this to be so. I cannot engage in conversation with anyone because it always seems to work against me. The truth of my thinking would push many away, especially a woman. I have yet to spill the truth of my heart out with anyone because the words never seem to come out right. When I do speak from my heart, whom ever is listening, wants to hear something else. So I have found it best to simply talk to myself, or write to myself. What I have to say must be said and heard, even if by strangers. I must reveal my deepest sentiments.

Love, for me, over the years, has generally been something I thought I had to comply with. Love was something that I must obey or do, or try to make work for the sake of something else. It has only been recently, through emotional trauma, that I am realizing what real love might be. First, love may be something I will not be able to control. Second, love may be something I must surrender to and not try to resist for reasons outside of my own heart. Third, love is something I must be totally honest with. And here it is:

Early on, I signed the paperwork that showed the world I was in a committed and correct union with a woman. In this course of life, the right thing to do was make this work and raise the child that she bore me. I never intended to have a child. Love and marriage for me at this time was something I HAD TO DO because it was the right thing to do. The world and all its eyes found favor in this union. But my heart did not. I felt it was only right before an unknown god to marry the woman I got pregnant. And so the years went by and I went through all the motions, yet my heart was still empty. Why? This was what God said is right, right? I began trying to fill that void by what the world deemed as despicable. I started sleeping around with other women because sex had been emotionless. It was only physical in nature, a pleasure. I knew it should be something else, but I never felt that. Why not? If my marriage was righteous before an eternal God, why did sex feel so empty? I deeply wanted to feel love when I had sex, and I hadn’t yet, otherwise I would never look for it. My greatest desire then was to find a woman I could make love too and at the same time look into her eyes, kiss her lips and feel whole. I wanted to feel at peace in my heart and not just pleasure. This became a part of the meaning of life for me. I wanted sex to be fulfilling and spiritual. I wanted to be inside of her, whoever she was, and the act to become deeply meaningful, as though we had become, “one flesh.” I wanted to connect my soul to another woman by feeling ultimate pleasure of the body and at the same time feeling ultimate happiness in my being, by simply looking into her eyes during love making and feel complete from it.

In my mind, as a philosopher, to truly find intellectual truth, I had to study many ways of thinking. I had to read all kinds of books. As it relates to religion, I had to study many faiths. I engaged in all this study to seek out the truth for my own mind. My body was no different. Likewise, how can I find true love if sex was only part of it. For me, to find real love meant I had to have sex with different women until that special connection happened. The world sees this as immoral and sick. But it was not. I was determined to find that woman. I had to. I must. My body easily found pleasure, but my heart found nothing. I was on a mission to find the woman to not only pleasure my body, but to secure my heart at the same time. What was it like to experience becoming “one flesh” as the Bible said? How will I know it if that happens? All my life, that one statement in the Bible haunted me. You shall become “one flesh.” I want to become one flesh with a woman, and I knew it was not just physical sex, it was deeper. I could never tell anyone about my efforts. I was married and I loved my wife very much, I was just not “in love” with her. I also had a public life to sustain and children to feed. To make such an effort known would label me as a sex addict, a pervert, or a freak. But I was not addicted to sex; I was addicted to finding a woman who fulfilled the sex act.

So I slept around with different women, seeking my truth. After a short time, however, my interest in a particular woman would pass and we would both move on. No truth yet. No “one flesh.” But then, I met a young woman, Nikki. Nikki became the earthquake in my soul and I had to find a way to control it, but I did not know how. I wanted her to have my baby, literally. In all of my life, this was the first woman, ever, whom I actually wanted to create life with. I didn’t trust these emotions yet, however, because I had never experienced them. I never made this known to Nikki because I needed to know for sure if what I felt was real. Plus my marriage was in its 15th year. I was a public figure and the surface life dominated my intention and work ethic. I also needed proof that what I felt was genuine, real, forever. Maybe I was feeling something wrong or it was just temporary. So I simply pretended otherwise. I went though the motions again, as with the previous women, hoping for a revelation.

How would I know if this woman was the one? So, like before, we began a romantic relationship. Nikki was almost half my age, so the relationship attached some natural fears. These fears I made known through humor. What if I leave everything behind and Nikki falls in love with a young, handsome man? Is her interest in me for the sake of emotional security? Am I a rebound from her being hurt previously? How would I ever know if her love was real? Her words were not good enough. There had to be proof, a proof that was undeniable.

Our relationship prospered. I began feeling things I’d never felt before. I would always keep these feelings to myself because I feared that they might scare her away. We had wonderful times, going out, traveling, talking, etc. Even though we hid our romance, it felt so right. I loved holding and kissing her. It just felt right, comfortable. Nikki always wanted to be open about us, but my public life would condemn it. This was a huge struggle for us. But I still was insecure. I didn’t think the relationship was as good as I thought it was. I mean I was mentally prepared for it to end at any time, like the others. But it kept going.

Then it began going south. This was because I could not yet let go of my surface life. Yes I was in love with Nikki, and she was in love with me, but I would always play ignorant about our future because I feared the loss of all that I had achieved in my life. I needed much more. This being because I had finally found the woman I truly connected too while making love. I cannot erase this from my mind, ever. But the other fears created for me were anchors. The other fear was, is she connected also? Or is her love verbal? Yeah she said she was, that she loved me more than any thing. But as a philosopher, to me, they were words. I’ve always understood love to be like a fire. It purifies and burns at the same time. If Nikki truly loved me, as she said, would her love endure every obstacle? The term “better or for worse” comes to mind. Would her love overcome the worst? I had to know. Yes my emotions and love for her was very real, but at the same time I knew something was missing. I could feel it, deep in my heart. There needed to be great trauma or something that would put Nikki’s love to the test. I didn’t know what it was; I just needed to know before I gave up everything.

Now I had left my home once before, just to feel it out a bit. But there was something that kept holding me back from being with Nikki completely, what was it? Everything about her was perfect. Nikki had amazing eyes. She had an absolutely sexy body. She was intelligent, educated and compassionate. When I would put my mouth on her, time stopped. There was no greater pleasure. I loved to lay between her thighs and as I came inside of her, I’d look into her eyes and I was complete. Nothing was more amazing to me. I had found a sexual partner whom I truly loved. How did I know? Because I could look her into her eyes while making love and feel whole, safe and honest. She was the first, ever. I was dumbfounded. But I still had no conviction if her love for me was the same. And this haunted me, it scared me. How could I know for sure? Faith was not an option for me. I began trying to break away from her. Mostly because of the insecurities I had. I was not good enough for her. She would eventually leave me. I was of another generation and this may come to light for her at any time, motivating her to move on. She was half my age.

During our relationship I had lied to her about some things. I had told her that I was not having sex with my wife. And, I wasn’t regularly. My wife and I were like roommates, and it was actually a rare occasion. And when it happened, it was, again, just pleasure. Plus I used sex with my wife to affirm my love for Nikki. Sounds twisted? I know, but for me, I needed to know. In addition, I would also seek a connection like I did with Nikki, but to no avail. Also, I told Nikki I stayed upstairs in the spare room. And I did quite often, just not always. These were the two primary aspects of my surface life that I kept from her. And truth be told, I told many more lies to my wife and friends than I did to Nikki. With Nikki, it was primarily two simple lies. I did this to keep her in my life. Making love to her was so amazing, I needed to know deeper, that if she really loved me. So during this latter part of our romance, I spent most of my thinking trying to figure out what to do with my life. Should I be open with her to see if she loved me enough to forgive me? If she didn’t, then I would move on. Should I keep being selfish and keep lying until she finally had enough of the hiding? I didn’t know, I was trapped and it weighed heavy on my heart. I had let it get too complicated.

I knew that I loved Nikki, more than any other adult, and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. And I knew that I desired to create life with her, but I would never dare say so. I always spoke the opposite, to keep her off that trail, so to speak. But I also knew she said she loved me because of what she believed about me, which was that I did not sleep with my wife, nor did I have sex with my wife. This was my ultimate fear, that she would learn the truth and leave me. Could her love be strong enough to look past the deception? Could her love for me be strong enough to forgive me? I needed to know. If she understood that I lied to her to keep her in my life so that I could truly know if she loved me or not, would she accept that and hold me? Odds are probably not. So I held on as long as I could, while trying slowly to break away because I knew the blow would be to great for me to lose her.

During the last part of our relationship, Nikki and I had some rough spots. We became like typical human beings who could not handle their own business. We actually got to a point where we took charges out on each other. How did that happen? Is that love?

My wife knew about my interest and relationship with Nikki, just not the details. She had no idea how much I really wanted and loved Nikki. Well, one day my wife called Nikki on the phone. And all the truth came out to both women. Each explained everything to the other. Tragic to say the least. This was not in my plans and was the furthest thing I wanted to happen. But the ultimate truth was out. What should I do? Well, my deepest fears were correct. Nikki left me. She even said she didn’t love me anymore and that she actually hated me. My heart was crushed. I couldn’t blame her. It would do no good to try to explain to her what my whole ambition was. My mistake along the way was continuing the lie. Now I will always wonder if she would have stayed if I revealed to her the truth early on. I will never know.

This whole ordeal has torn my heart out. I truly thought I found my soul mate. I truly thought I had found the woman who would love me past my mistakes, past my circumstances, and she did for a long while, which I am grateful for. I should have been more honest up front. I should have tried harder at everything, but I kept my love for Nikki inside. I went about it all the wrong way. From this journey, I lost everything. I mean everything. How will I ever recover when I lost what I was looking for all my life? I don’t think I can start over anymore truthfully. I must accept my fate as who I am and continue to go through the motions as I have for so many years.

In the end, I lost my job, I lost some friends, I suffered embarrassment, we both got arrested, I attended several months of counseling, and we were both emotionally stressed. But it got to be too much when I ended up homeless, living on the floor of my office and eating out of cans. My income was limited because I had to keep paying my house bills, even though I was not living there. I had moved out months before to try and make it work with Nikki. But being without secure income from my primary job, I just could not make it work. I ended up homeless for almost three months, all because I could not bare to lose Nikki. But it all got the best of me in the end. I could no longer handle the emotional stress. I could not afford to move forward. So I moved back into my house and Nikki no longer communicates with me. Now, it’s only a matter of time, if not already, her heart will belong to another. I must now learn to settle with my lot.




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As for Nikki, I love her dearly, I always will, till I’m gone. I miss her terribly. I think of her every day and I still dream about her. I wonder what she is doing, who she is with, does she think of me, does she miss me, does she regret me? I even see her face in others. Making love to her and looking into her eyes haunts me. Even now, after Nikki and I have been through soo much, I would still run into her arms and surrender this day. I don’t think I will ever meet another woman where I would actually want to create life with her, ever. In fact, I know I wont. I truly believe that Nikki was the only one. I actually thought about getting her pregnant so often. I would never speak of this to her, but if I could, I would actually marry her by choice and freewill, not because I thought it was the right thing to do, but because I had become “one flesh” with her.


My true love wid bewafa girl………

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I am a boy just 16 yrs i m
going to share my lv story wid
u….hope u will like it…here it
I think it was a time of
dad told me to hand a letter to
my uncle ….i knocked d door n
a girl
opened it….i rember she was
wearing white trouser n black
top… for sometime i was
completely lost
in her n she instantly showed
some signs of liking too…..i
her a letter…..i remember she
had a bit of
curly flicks….
My family n that of
hers were very close so we
met each other nearly
quarter was on a higher
so i used to see her house
moment from my window….
Day passed n we didn’t knw
we got in love wid each
other…..her parents use to
her in my quarter when dey
use to
go for market……n often i use
visit her house to play with
her n
her toys…..we used to have
hour chats…..i dnt remeber
prpz’d 1st but i think she was
one to do so….
we loved each other
so much that it was upto d
to quit lyf if got seprated….we
never thought of sepration n i
thought i will marry her in
future when i well be grown
We were completely lost in
world….she never ignored me
n i
too never did it…it was upto d
extent dat if i would ask her
sex she would hv allowed me
but i
was nt of dat kind……
somewhere i
knw she had be to someone
else one
day so why to ruin her lyf…….
1 day i
was romantic nd asked her
long would she lv me she said
forever nd a day…i laughd n at
moment she holded my hand
said ” agar tu aur mai kb lyf m
ho gaye to mera wait krna mai
hun bas teri” i said ” pagal h
mai tujse bahut pyar krta hun
ni alag hone dunga”
what next… Her father got
transfered nd she didnt told
she was going to village….. i
only saw her
family packin bags n boarding
on a
vehical….i thought they r going
holidays. …..next day my dad
dey r gone for forever…
And do u knw frnds
very next momment i visited
her quarter
wasnt locked i entered nd saw
was empty…..i wandered
each room n cried a lot…
completely lost
Every day i used to look at her
house from my house window
thinking that one day she will
back……i counted d days
without her on my fingers
Year’s passed i got admission
in d top
convent of the district i had a
respect dignity nd
passed my board exam with
But all dese year i didn’t forgot
her…i missed her daily….i lvd
only her….she was my world
Now after 10 years i met her
again on fb….she had a
boyfriend n that’s the 10th
boyfriend she had…..what
worse can happen to me i was
shell shocked….broken… near
I told her we use to lv each
other she said ‘i hv done it
never’….’oh my i hv waited for
u 10 years’ i cried in
pain….’you r a dull boy u
wasted 10years ‘ she said….n
dats all i can hell up…
Till now i m waiting for her
she never understood my
Mail me at : amansharma333@
to know what happend next n
all my experiences n pains….

(Screen) Name: rubel sharma



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I met Michelle through a guy who met my step sister in a nut house of all places. Michelle was like his daughter to him. We talked on the phone one night and it didn’t make much noise. I had always admired her beauty from facebook I thought she was something to cherish. So time went by and we didn’t talk much till one night she was like “im calling you answer” so naturally I did. This was the start of the over 6 months we had together. I am now 18

We talked for three nights straight. I knew I had to keep talking to her there was just something about her that drew me in. So I had to go to my mothers where we would talk until four or five in the morning. And I knew I had to ask her to be mine so I did. Now I should tell you at the time I was seventeen and her fourteen.

So I asked her and she said yes so like usual I played the game I said I loved her when I didn’t. I never thought it would bite me in the ass. So we continued our relationship and became quite close. But me being me saw that we weren’t even seeing each other and that I was getting anything out of it so I did what’s normal I broke it off along with her heart :(.

Now by this time I cared a lot about her she started to cut more and hurt more and cry more which made me want to die so I tried to kill myself. The months went on while I watched her struggle to move on. I hated myself everyday. I wished everynight I could help her but wishes never come true.

So I should say now that snice the first night we talked we had talked everyday even through the breakup. So we still got closer and closer and I got lower and lower knowing how much she cared about me until one night when I over did everything. When i went to sleep (passout) my world revolved around drugs and drinking. When i woke up it revolved around her. I don’t know how it happened not till this day I don’t it just did.

I told her everyday i loved her until she broke with her boyfriend and we got back together. Everything went smooth until 2 months passed and i found out about another guy that we have had problems with already was messing with her even though she didn’t do nothing back she never told me. From there on out all went down hill. I became paranoid and began smothering her I guess.

Im going to make this the last paragraph because i can hardly see through tears right now. Lies lead to more lies and i became more smothering and i found out something that i ended it and regretted it and begged for her back. Now im writting this while she hates me and holds hands and locks lips with a guy i despise. And through it all iI still love her like the first day i knew it was true Michelle if you read this I love you and unconditionally care for you. Bye Thank you for reading.

(Screen) Name: Marshal1994


A true story

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It was the month of December 1991 On my way back from college I saw a beautiful girl, fair, big sparkling eyes merrily laughing, enjoying the bus ride, sitting right in front where I was standing. She was wearing a bright yellow dress. On looking at her for some time I was amazed and hooked to her beauty. There was a great feeling within me that I was unable to gauge I felt feverish and cold. I was all head over heels for this girl who was so happy that happiness was all over her face. Her friends too were enjoying the moment. Although she did look up at me a few times starring at her with amazement she did not see the visible me shivering with the first love of my life. As I got down at my bus stop she did look back to see me with a hesitant eye contact. I was in love. Love at first sight do happens

From that day on this girl’s beauty and her big eyes with a pure black and white contrast was all over my mind. But I was just 18 and knew not what was happening, what was the beautiful feeling that would erupt in my heart once I bring her beautiful face in my mind. I was happy; everybody at home and within my friend circle noticed the change. I never thought about my next step i.e. to search this beautiful girl and make her mine. May be I was too happy cherishing the new experience in my life. Just bringing her beautiful face in my thoughts would give me a cool feeling, the rise in my heart beat and the soothing in my mind had kept me busy. I was totally clueless of how to get to know this girl’s whereabouts. A few days past, I was restless and had no idea how to find this girl. I tried every effort not to miss this particular bus on which we had first met but I had no luck.

One afternoon I was late to catch the bus and was stranded at the bus stand waiting for the next bus to come. As I stood there strolling from one end to the other to pass my time. It was way past 1.30 and the city school children were flocking towards the bus stand. In one of the green uniform group I saw someone very familiar walking towards me with a slight smile on her face, as the flock past by me chattering in high decimal this girl who was blushing all the way suddenly looked at me as if to say “you dumb how could you forget me so soon” that eye contact brought back sweet feelings and at last I had found the treasure I was desperately looking for. She looked very cute in her green uniform as she past right by me. I was surprised a mute spectator. All this while I had this yellow dressed girl in my mind and I was desperately missing my lectures and running for the 12.30 bus looking for this girl. Here she was in her true avatar. There was a tremendous increase in my heart beat, butterflies in my stomach and a great feeling in my mind.
She straight away headed for the bus and did turn back and looked at me standing there surprised. As the bus was leaving I too hooped in and stood at the back .That day I was very happy to have met her the second time and now I knew little more about her.
From then on I would wait for her to come to the bus stand and then travel with her. Not a word was exchanged only our eyes were doing the talking, or at least I thought so. She would be visibly upset if I stayed back from boarding the bus. I could see her frequently looking back through the window at me anxiously, this would make me feel more confident that she too likes me and the thought that this could be just her casual behavior never crossed my mind. I would let the bus take a full circle and then run on the gate to catch it with a great feeling of happiness that she gave me some importance. Once inside the bus she would always be seated and I would stand at the back anxiously waiting for her to turn back and look at me. Sometimes in the rush hours if she did not get a seat I was there to protect her from any untoward pushing from fellow passengers. I was burning with love and affection of this pretty girl. The world was just a very happy place to live in there were flowers and music around us our heart beats were in sync with each other.

I who always used to shy away from females around me was in deep love with a total stranger. It was a wonderful feeling the rising of heart beat the flies in my stomach and weakening of my limbs, as I see her coming from a far distant. And then the friendly look sparkle in her eyes and a slight smile would make me die. She would always nimble on her tongue as if rolling it in her mouth or was she enjoying a bubble gum it was hard to make out. But I liked the way she was making those pretty expressions I was sinking all the more in her love. Then on I would sometimes be lucky to be in the same bus that she would be travelling on her way to the city. Seeing her pretty face early in the morning would make my day.
This went on for many days, sometimes it would so happen that I would stand at the stand awaiting her arrival and she would never turn up till 4.00 pm. I would return home hungry and sad, but tomorrow was always another day to look for. Next day too I would do the same; some half days too I would miss here sometimes. Then one day I somehow got to know about their study holidays. My routine never changed I would wait and wait till she come or not come I was there waiting. Then came her examinations I was there all confused at the time table as I would miss her many a times hence I would stay there from the morning to evening waiting for her. Sometimes I would be lucky sometimes sad. It was on the last day of the examination, on seeing me there waiting she too let her friends go and she too was waiting but how dumb I was I never understood the situation and did not approached her. There was weakness in my knees I was taken by surprise as she had never stayed back like this before. I was confused not knowing and understanding her mind. I was in two minds, what if she is waiting for some other friend of hers and what if my approach to her would angry her and put an end to my love story abruptly all these thoughts crossed my mind and I waited and watched. After a long wait she boarded the bus but with a different expression on her face. I was on one hand happy that she stayed back for me and not for any other boy from her school and second thought I was sad that I may have missed a golden opportunity of expressing myself.

Although I managed to get to know the place she lived at I never knew her name. One fine day my good friend C came and told me her name which he got from a class mate of hers. And I was happy to send her a card on her name .I always thought that it was easy to send her a post card as the post office was very close to her house.

Then on meeting her was occasional, sometimes I would cross her holding her dad’s hand in the market or sometimes without she noticing me at all. But all this while I was burning with love. Pure love for her and respect for her feelings was all that I had in my heart and my mind I never thought of anything else. The mere thought of getting her as a friend never crossed my mind. I even attended mass at her church just to have a glance at her.
A new academic year started and I was up on my toes to get to know which college she would go. Finally I got to see her and I was happy to see a few girl students known to me walking with her. I would get terribly upset if she ignores me and attends to her male classmates on the bus stand. A few times she would do it on purpose so that I react or may be that was her way of getting me to speak up. As usual I would meet her in the bus in the morning in Raju’s bus 1909 which had a reflector mirror right in front, inside the bus and she would look into the mirror and search for me. We were actually corresponding through this mirror with our eyes.
I would wait after college to see her at the bus stand and this went on and on for a couple of months sometimes I would be happy that she noticed me standing there and sometimes very sad when she would ignore as if I am invisible. By this time most of my friends who would accompany me to the bus stand had seen her and they too seems to be happy for me. Some even tried to get me her correct name through some common friend some even put a word across to the girls would accompany them to college. One fine day I got to know her real name which was as beautiful as she was. I was embarrassed to have sent her a card mentioning the wrong name on the envelop. I did stay away from coming across her for a few days due to this but in the mean time I worked all out to get her birth date. And I was happy to have got it. The previous night of her birthday I did not get sleep although I had posted a birthday card to wish her I wanted to meet her in person and wish and to pour my heart out expecting a whole world of happiness with this little chat. I attended the morning mass with her at the chapel and as the mass got over I waited for her to come out but I missed her as she hurriedly went out from the rear door. I started my bike and in full speed went after her but was late. She was almost beyond the reach of stopping and talking to her. I just happen to say happy birthday and zoom passed without knowing her reaction, if at all she heard my shout or not. I was sad to miss the chance a second time.

Then one day I got to see her whole family at one of the beach where I had gone along with my friends I was confused and very scared that I stayed very far from her. They were too posh, rich and high class people for me to be anywhere around them. I was happy for her but dejected that she was not a simple girl I used to think her to be. But love is blind which I had in abundance for her that will never change.

My schedule never changed my love for her grew even more only sad part was I never gathered courage to talk to her. I was too shy and well behaved that I never stalked her or wanted to force my love on her I was happy that I am in love with the most beautiful girl.

Sending greeting cards and me showing immense love for her was the only thing I did in 1992 and then fate played a very life threatening prank on me A near fatal soccer accident where in a depression in my right ventricular resulted in half paralysis of my body. I was out of sight of her and out of action for a very long period I missed my college and was holed up in my house for a few months and all this while I had her on my mind which would give me inspiration to live through the bad patch .There was no source where in I could have let her know my feelings and my state. As time went by I was on my feet but the feeling of repeating the near fatal condition kept me away from normal life and from her too. Once on my feet I did meet her number of times but I had no courage to approach her as she too was in a different mood which I was unable to gauge. I did not stop the cards on all occasion, be it her birthday, Christmas, valentine day, Easter and even her successfully passing her examination. My love was the same for her true and in abundance. I would even tried all possibilities to show it to her through cards, sending messages through her neighbor and her college friends but a self approach was all that was needed I guess. Thanks to my friends who were one up to help me get the love of my life.

On finishing my college there was another tragedy in my family, my father expired. I was burdened with family issues and I took up a job that was just in the opposite direction of my regular path. I was still in contact with her by post. And sometimes if lucky then I would get to see her face to face. Even then I would make it a point to get the 1909 bus in the morning which would come directly from her house depot and many a times I would be lucky to meet her and catch her looking at me through the mirror
As years passed by she was busy with her college then her diploma. I too was busy with my job, not a single day had passed of mine without her sweet face flashing in my mind and the sweet feeling in my heart I tried my very best to go and show myself to her so she knows that I am interested in her. I knew that she too loved me but was waiting for me to proclaim my love for her.

Decade long love lava was burning in my heart. The respect for her feelings never changed. Now that she was mature enough to take a decision that I decided to approach her. One thing was for sure whatever her decision I would respect and abide by and if its negative I would never cross her path again. If I had to approach her, when she had just passed her matriculation that would have been immature. Then when she was studying that would have affected her studies and so on I would always think about her and the impact she might have on her mind. I always wish her good and respected her lot that made me to live with her love for all these years.
The day was hot afternoon I happen to see her in the bus heading home from her classes I decided to let her know my feelings and had a small piece of paper on me on which I hurriedly scribbled a few lines about me loving her from 1991 and I followed till her bus stop. And when she got down I wished her that was my first whisper to her. I said that I am so and so, you must be knowing me or seen me. I would like to be your friend. She too was taken by surprise said that she is sorry but that is not possible. I repeated my words and said “I love you please don’t say no” but she said “sorry” I was hurt I tried to give her the chit that was in my hand she refused to take it and with a smile walked away. I felt a thunder bolt in my head I was shuttered and had no were to go but to my death. I was stranded there totally blank. though came to my mind that I just turn my scooter and head on collide with one of the zooming heavy vehicle on the road then I recovered and thought to myself, I had decided to respect her feelings and that I will do. They say “IF you love somebody you let it fly if it loves you it will definitely come back to you and if doesn’t then it never loved you.” I was into a shell and decided not to cross her path again. Not because I was rejected but because my love was pure and I could live without her but with the love in my heart. A couple of years passed by my friends were all the more inquisitive to know the fate of my love story which I never revealed. I lost hope but wished her the best. It was the love and respect I had for her that made me to recover from such a great loss I wanted her to be happy and hence I never ever have tried to force my love on her. When you love someone so much you are not bothered about your happiness but you are more concern about the happiness of your loved one. True love is when you love a person for the happiness of that person and you seek your happiness in her being happy.
One thing I long for from her is if anytime we happen to cross each other, a smile and a hello as a friend is all that I wish for. That will be a great achievement in my one sided love life.

(Screen) Name: anynormous


still love you..

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I was on the internet like every other day… I was depressed that year which I call being 2010.. It was 22nd November that year when he came on my friends account and without knowing I started the conversation.. without having said a single lie he told me who he was and introduced himself.. little did I know after talking to me for over 2 hours on chat he was head over hills for me.. later on that day he added me after he went home.. I got so excited to know it was him.. he had made a new account since he had deactivated his old account longgg time ago..
after a day he told me he loves me but I didn’t know anything much about him.. I talked with my friend about him and got to know a little.. it turned out that he had promised his first love that he will never say the girl he loves those three words if she was near and would never show himself to the girl who was far so I was far..
the next weekend I was chatting with my friend and he were there too but I didn’t know.. she asked me who loves me the most so I took my friends name.. just seeing that he went off to write my name in his hand with a knife.. I was so worried that I asked my tenants about what should be done when one does such things and they gave me some tips which I told him.. there wasn’t a time that week I didn’t think of it than he told me it was getting better so I was finally a hit relieved.. I told u yes on 26th November 2010 n that was our first time getting together..
he was the most romantic, kind hearted and the sweetest guy ever!
he told me everytime if he would be late or anything.. the next year in Feb he found out about some guys loving me and broke up with me on 28th of Feb…. I couldn’t have believed it.. it felt like my world had ended.. I cried and cried.. my eyes were entirely red.. the tears kept rolling down and I couldn’t help them but somehow I managed to get him back… on March the 5th I broke up with you cause I didn’t want him to be with someone who lives other side of world from him.. I wasn’t even able to be there for him or wipe his tears when he needed someone….I still loved him with all my heart but there was this guy in school getting bullied from everyone and only had me to hang out with.. I asked him around 10 times before dating him n he had replied I could and that I was doing good… I helped that guy as much as i could than stopped dating him..
I didn’t realize that my guy was getting hurt.. sounds stupid but I was immature than.. I was 12.. when he said he was gonna leave me forever after 15 days, he also said he will make me hate him before that.. my world was falling down me…how could the person who promised he would never leave me so many times leave me? how could the guy who didnt go a day without telling me he love me leave me forever? I cried over nights .. as hard as it was for me I know it was for him… my heart had started aching.. my breathing problems had grown worse…
each time I asked him why he gave me different reasons but my favorite was ” everytime I talk to you i realize how much I love you and I realize I can’t have you which makes you love you even more.
it was his birhtday beteeen those 15 days n he didnt celebrate it.. that broke my heart even more… he eventually left me without me bekng able to hate him…

he still came back to me a few times but left after a few days… Oct 2 u purposed me to be your gf.. it was my birthday the next day.. that was the best present ever!
in December he broke up cuz both of our parents had found out n yours told him to do so. but still we were completely in love.. this year 2012, in Feb I was out of my mind so I asked him who r u? he than left me again n time giving me no reason at all.. he came back again 7months and I still love you the same way that I did n I know its the same with him..he loves me and thats the best feeling.. even if he leaves me again its ok cause all i want from him is to be happy..I am always ginna be here for you no matter where or go , i dont care how you look but just be yourself. soon its gonna be our 2nd anniversary and i just cant wait . .

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Hello Anna! A True Love story out of Russia

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Who could ever imagine that two complete strangers from opposite sides of the world that do not even speak the same language could meet and fall in love. Is this even possible? Yes, this is exactly how it happened for Bryan and Anna.

Bryan’s attempts to find love in a marriage that had completely fallen apart after a length of 12 years came to an end when his wife left him with 2 children and a mortgage he could not afford. The struggle was over and a new life was about to begin.

With much effort, Bryan pulled himself together and began his new life as a single father. Not knowing what the future held, Bryan began to seek out new friends online via social networking sites.

One evening as Bryan showed a website to his neighbor who was married to a woman from Russia, they both decided to search through numerous profiles all over the large country of Russia. The name of the website was Badoo.

The list was endless filled with empty words and photos of women that were probably exaggerations at best. Suddenly Bryan stopped on one profile and all time seemed to stop as he gazed on the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

The profile was in Russian and Bryan was able to use an online translation tool to translate the profile. Very little information was included in the profile. Only brief information about her employment along with the region she lived in Russia. Her name was Anna.

In a leap of faith and not knowing if this beautiful woman would get a message if he sent one, Let alone if she would even give him the time of day, Bryan decided to say hello. The message was brief and Bryan typed “Privet Anna!”. Without another thought he submitted the message into the universe of possibility.

You can read their entire story at Hello Anna

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Young love

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Well first I want to say im only 19. Young love you can say. I been with my boyfriend Aaron for about 2 Years now and Im so in love and we are happy and truley in love. I started a new highschool in a whole new city, state everything, I still remeber the first day i met Aaron. I Was put in all his classes. All these boys were asking my name and if I was single trying to get at me but I iqnored them. Then Aaron walked in and was getting yelled at by the teacher, his looks got my attetion but his personality made me stay. He yelled back and came and talked to me, ask my name, age and told me I was beatiful. I felt butterflies the first time I talked to him. The teacher Ms.Beakly (eww) sent him out of the class, so he left. After he did all kinds of girls were telling me he’s a player and a whole lot of bs about him even some guys called him a player. But I didnt listen I was just thinking about him and the buttErflies I felt, daydreaming I thought ‘he can be mine’. The first class was over and we went to the second class, where my eyes met Aarons. He told me sit by him so I sat right next to him he just kept telling me how ‘pretty and beatiful’ I was I was lost in love when he told me that it made me feel cozy, being the new girl and all. Alot of girls kept giving me dirty looks, I remeber I told him ‘you should leave me alone these girls make me feel unwanted we can be friends though’ and he replied ‘ forget these dumbs broads, I want you and alot of other guys do too but you mine gorgoues’ I believed him. We couldnt really talk in the other classes we didnt sit near eachother but he kept coming to me it made me happy. soon it was lunchtime and more people where outside trying ask me questions and get to know me. So I was talking and some guy named ‘Erick’ grabbed my butt and everyone started laughing and some guys where all touching me and Aaron tells them ‘Common leave new girl alone’ so they did and he took me and was walking toward me while I was walking back, he said ‘You okay gorgoues ?’ and I remeber saying ‘yea fine thanks girls are so rude’. He said ‘They are jelly cause your mine’ and I remeber saying ‘Ha your funny you wish boy’ and he said ‘Well you will be love’ and I said ‘No’ and walked away toward this one girl Isabella (only nice girl to me) I wanted so badly to tell Aaron okay babe or some, but I played hard to get (I thought while walking toward Issebella)I just remeber my arm gtting grabbed and my lips were touched by the biggest,yummiest,softest,warmest lips I ever felt… Aarons. It was just a peck and some girls told him leave me alone and pulled him away. I just followed some other girls and ate behind them (feeling alone and leftout) even though I was pretty everyone had there own friends and didnt pay much attetion to me. But I sat there, ate and when I got up to throw my tray away three girls and like five guys came to the table I was at, one of the girls grabbed my arm and pushed me to sit back down. I was confused, I just sat there listening to them talk then one of the guys (not saying names) asked me if I wanted to play a game I said ‘Yea sure’ Then one of the girls pulled out a piece of paper that had a circle on it and said ‘push’. The girl said ‘Go ahead push it dont be scared its fun’. So I pushed the cirlce on the paper that read push , the girl opened it and had a big smile on her face then said ‘kiss Alex!’ I was like ‘Umm what wait no.’ they push that guy “Alex” towared me and I was sitting there and I didnt wanna kiss him. Then one the girls said ‘Do it already the teachers are wacthing hurry up or we’ll blame this on you.’ So Alex came closer towared me and put his lips on mine. One of the girls was holding my head and he used touge. The girl whispered in my ear ‘Im going to let go now but you better keep kissing otherwise where going to jump your ass.’ and she let go but I kept kissing and he was rubbing my upperleg I wanted to run but also a little scared being new and all. I remeber the one girl behind me (Bitch) Saying ‘Oh hey Aaron, wanna play push, new girl’s playing.’ And I Pulled away from Alex. My eyes met Aarons and he stood there for a second, replied ‘Na I have lunch detention’, He walked away. His voice seem mad, I felt like crap. Then the three girls and five boys including Alex got up were all laughing and walked away, then the girl who held my held said ‘Lets see who gets him now bitch.’ as she was walking away laughing. I felt bad and had nowhere to go. I sat there alone thinking til lunch was over. Ten minutes later I had gym with Aaron. I remeber sitting alone on the cold gym floor, I look over at Aaron and the dumb brod who set me up was rubbing his hair. I remeber my spiderman panties were showing in the back and a whole bunch of guys were yelling ‘whoo-oo spidey’ So I got balls pulled my shorts up and sat by those boys, talking to them. One cute one jimmy asked me out so I said ‘yes’. He was one grade older then me so I only saw him in gym. Anyways after gym, went to fifth period, where I saw Aaron. I sat alone in the back. But the teacher swicthed me seats and I sat by Aaron and his friend chino. Chino was asking me if I was dating jimmy and if I really kissed Alex. I replied ‘Yea why’? He said ‘just wondering, word goes fast.’ and I said ‘Yea.’ Then somebody yelled out ‘new girl a whore Mr.! She kissed Alex and goes out with Jimmy, Whore !’ and the teacher Mr.Ricky Said ‘Queit please’. I felt so alone. Some girls started laughing and coughing ‘whore’ I just sat there all dumb. Then Aaron told everyone this, ‘Just shut the hell up all you girls are dumb and ugly sluts!’ And he sat back down everyone looked at him mad and then it was queit the rest of math. I remeber walking to sixith period alone like always ‘Aaron pulled me aside and said this ‘Is it ture you date Jimmy and I know Sirrea set you up with Alex, he told me.’ and I replied ‘Yea jimmy is cute and not alot of chicks on his jock like you to many girls dont like me cause you do, I mean cause your nice to me.’ and Aaron said ‘breakup with Jimmy for me and who cares those girls well get over it and I do like you alot, well you be my girlfriend ?’ I remeber saying ‘Wow well I like you too, but poor Jimmy I mean’. And Aaron said ‘He’ll be okay and really ?’ and I said ‘Mmmkay well lets do this,Babe !’ And Aaron smiled lifted me up and spun me around we kissed and ran to sixth period. What a rough first day. Later that day I brokeup with jimmy he said he just wanted sex (eww), me and Aaron texted,talked on the phone,hungout alot and eventulay he met my mom and I met his, me and Aaron had a great fun realationship he was so good to me, for about four months we had no problems were very happy and a strong realtionship. But one night I went out to a kickback without Aaron and he trusted me and I madeout with another guy and just madeout like kissing NO SEX ! Aaron foundout and we brokeup thru text. It was the worst feeling ever my first love broke my heart and it hurt more knowing it was my fault. It was even harder seeing him in every class, everyday of school. We were brokenup for about a month in a half it was hard on both of us. Then one afternoon and health I dropped my pencil and it just happend to roll under Aarons desk, he picked it up for me and handed it to me. I told him thanks and smiled he just shook his head . After class he ask me ‘How come we dont talk nomore?’ I replied ‘Aaron please dont Im sorry I regert it please dont bring it up.’ and he said ‘No Giselle I forgave you a long time ago, I just didnt know how to tell you.’ I replied ‘Why ? We were bestfriends.’ He said ‘Thats why you were my girl, my bestfriend, my first love’…. And I looked at him and said ‘First love ? Aaron your my first love I still love you, im stupid what I did.’ and he said ‘What Im your first love to ? and no Giselle everyone makes mistakes, it was mistake not going with you that night, your not dumb, Im in love with you babe.’ After school that day we text and then metup at Walmart that was close to both of us. We worked things out and we got back together. I have now been with Aaron for two years now Im very much in love with him, we lost our viginitys to eachother, I feel very comfty with him were not just girlfriend and boyfriend were also bestfriends. Love isnt always easy but if you pull thru problems your relationship will work, wait for your love. My relationship is the greatest right now and I so happy with him, he is my high and I am his. I hope to have his babbies and we have a happy long life together. Well got to go Aaron’s coming over. I LOVE YOU AARON OCHOCA ! 9/27/10 FOREVER

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I met this girl at st. Anthony’s sec. school we used to be classmates and i never even thought i will fall in love with her , as keep studying together and spending a lot of time together we developed a chemistry between us , the feeling was so strong that i cant even explain it exactly as i feel. I didn’t tell her how i felt for her until we graduated to school , its when we’re in holiday after graduation that she starts calling me and tell how much she misses me and that drives me even crazy and gives a courage to tell her , after i expose my feelings to her she reacted positively and say she is in love with me too since the first day she saw me.. we start a relationship so beautiful even in the eyes of God.
But after some time almost 1 month something strange happens , something i never thought it would happen , something that have destroyed all ma dreams and person i used to be , SHE SAYS WE HAVE TO BREAK UP…! JUST AS SIMPLY AS IT SOUND , SHE SAYS WE HAVE TO BREAK UP.. Ohhhh my Gog i have never feel such a pain in my life and never will i , with no reason a girl i love dumped me.. i have tried to even apologies even though i know there is nothing wrong i have done but she just keep insisting we have to break up.
we go a separate way trying to forget her but with no success , its when 2 years pass when i couldn’t control myself any longer and decided to call her , i have done that when i drunk already and she is the reason why i have been drinking excessive alcohol in all this time until now i write this story . I didn’t call to ask her back but i just felt like telling her how much she has ruined my life and made a person i never though i will be , HER NAME IS QUEEN AND SHE IS THE QUEEN OF MY HEART WHO HAS BROKE MA HEART VERY BAD…

(Screen) Name: benngeng


What i feel till now

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Insan jaane anjaane naa jaane kitni galtiya kar jata hai jiska usse khud bhi pata nahi hota. Kabhi bahi zindgi humey aaise lesson padha jati hai jinke baare me humne kabhi sapne me bhi socha nahi hota. Aaisi galtiya kuch aisi chap chod jati hain jo kabhi mit nahi sakti aur shayad kabhi kabhi to zindgi hi ban jaati hai. Maine bhi ek aisi hi galti ki, aur sach kahu to ho gayi. Mujhe pyar ho gaya. Bachpan se ache sanskar mile, acha parivar mila, ache maa-baap mile aur ache logo ke beech raha. Main humesha pyar baatne ki sochta rahta. Shyad esliye kyunki mujhe yahi sikhaya gaya tha. Main kbhi aazad nahi tha. Par, meri zindgi me bhi aazadi aayi. Aaisi aazadi, jisne meri zindgi ke lakshay hi badal diya. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai, mujhe apni puri life me pehli baar khud ka mobile phone mila, hostel me rehne ki permission mili aur mila dher sara pyar, sabse. Par achanak, na jaane kyu main negative energy ki taraf khichta chala gaya. Life me pehli baar kisi ladki se baat karne ki himmat aa gayi thi mujhme. Meri ummar ke sath ye hona swabhavik hai par mere sath kuch jyada hua. Main dhere dhere kisi bhi ladki se baat karne ko utawala hota gaya. Par maine apni padhayi pe bhi dhyan rakha. Fir ek din mujhe vo ladki dhiki jis se mujhe apni khwaish puri karne ka mauka mila. Vo humare pados me rahti thi. Bohot hi pyari, muhje se height me choti par dil me bohot badi. Aisi ladki jisse ek din meri life me aana tha aur mujhe dher sari khushiya dena tha. Bas yahi galti ho gayi mujhse. Maine us se baat ki aur dhoke se uske phone se apne phone par miscall kar di aur es tarah mujhe uska number mil gay. Maine theek teen din baad apne hostel se usko phone kiya. Vo aise pretend kar rahi thi jaise mujhe jaanti hi na ho. Dhere dhere ye baate dosti me badal gayi. Muhje vo achi lagne lagi. Aur ek din maine us se propose kar diya. Usne pahle to mana kar diya par main jaan gaya tha k vo bhi mujhe pasand karne lagi hai. Aur kuch din baad ek raat ko phone par baat karte waqt usne ye accept bhi kar liya. Bas phir kya tha, hum dono aasman me udte aazad panchiyo ki tarah apni khud ki banayi duniya me udne lage. Mere pyar me shayad abhi vo sachayi nahi thi jo ki honi chahiye thi, par haan kuch to tha jo mujhe us se dur nahi hone deta tha. Humari ladai bhi hoti thi, par hum bhi bol padte. Pura din ek duse k contact me rehna, der raat tak phone par baate karna aur apni shadi ki baare me sochna aur ek duse ko batana aur khush hona. Fir ek din aaya jab hum ek dusre ke bohot karib aaye. Main usko dekna chata tha aur pyar karna chahta tha aur shayad vo bhi. Maine usko apne ghar bulaya jab mere parents meri nani ki pass punjab gaye huye the. Aur kaise taise vo mere ghar aayi. Jab vo mere ghar k aander aayi main to jaise ghabra sa gaya. Usko apna ghar dikhaya fir apne bed par apne saath bithaya. Vo meri god me sir rakh ke let gayi. Fir usne mujhe kiss karne ki koshish ki. Main mana ni kar paya. Par achanak jaise aag lag gayi. Usne mujhe phir se kiss kiya aur hat gayi. Ab maine kiss kiya aur hum dono paglo ki tarah ek dusre ko chumne lage. Vo mere upar letkar mujhe chumne lagi aur bas hum pagal ho gaye. Vo meri jindgi ki pehli smooch thi aur pehli ladki. Ab to main aazad ho gaya tha. Maine usko apne ghar fir bulaya. Vo mere ghar do baar aur aayi aur humne fir smooch kari. Fir hum ek mandir me milne lage. Achanak mera pyar hawas me badlne laga par meri uske sath dil se attachment ho gayi thi. Main ab uske sath rehna chahta tha, kaise bhi aur kahi bhi. Hum do-teen baar ek restaurant me bhi mile. Par humare bich me kabhi bhi sex nahi huya. Hum dono hi virgin the aur aaj bhi hain. Hum roz raat ko bhagwan ka naam lekar phone kata karte the. Aisa teen saal chala. Year 2010 mere pariwar par aur khas taur par mujh par aur mere maa- baap par ek kaali chap chod di. Meri dadi jinhe hum sab bohot pyar karte the, guzar gayi. Mere papa se kisi ne Rs 2 lacs cheen liye. Fir lagbhag 6 mahine baad mere papa ko police ek jhoote case me pakad kar chali gayi. Vo ladki mujhe kaha karti thi ki vo mangleek hai aur main uske saath rahunga to barbaad ho jaunga. Humari ladaiya fir se shuru ho gayi. Uska behaviour bilkul change ho gaya. Vo mujhse dur jaane lagi. Itni saari pareshaniyo ke beech me uska yeh behaviour dekhkar main aur pareshan rehne laga. Mere papa ki bail hui aur zindgi me fir se rang laut aaye. Ab pahle jaisa kuch bhi nahi tha. Ghar me ek ankahi mayusi si rahti thi jaise kisi ne dil me teekhi talwar chala di ho. Hmme apna ghar bechna pada. Meri aur meri sis ki padhai, papa ke case ke lie, ghar ke liye hume paise ki jarurrat thi. Par humne kisi se udhar nahi maanga. Shayad teen mahino baad meri us ladki se baat hui aur fir pata chala ke uski sis ne usko mere baare me bhadkaya tha. Us se mera uski sis se baat karna pasand nahi tha par uski sis ne jaan bhujh kar mujhse baate ki, dosti ki aur fir dosti ka inaam diya. Inaam tha mera aur us ladki ka jhagra. Dhere dhere maine us ladki ko sari baat batayi aur apne dil ka haal sunaya aur vo maan gayi kyunki shayad abhi bhi uske dil me mere liye aur mere dil me uske liye viswas baaki tha. Us ladki ne mujhe bohot pyar diya.
Par ab meri zindgi me ek aur ladki aayi. Uska naam shweta gupta tha. Us se main ek cultural class me mila tha. Mere dil me uske liye koi feeling nahi thi par uske mann shayad kuch ho gaya. Usne mujhe propose kia aur maine mana kar diya. Vo ladki hath dhokar mere piche pad gayi. Maine apni girlfriend se es baare me baat ki aur us se bolna band kar diya. Par shayad kuch din baad hum fir se bol pade aur dost ban gaye. Es beech mujhe meri girlfriend ki social networking profile par kuch fake I-D’s dikhi aur maine eitraaz jataya. Bohot saari misunderstanding create ho gayi aur meri fir se apni girlfriend se ladai gayi. Main us par shak karne laga. Ab maine shweta se bolne bhi band kar diya. Maine bohot koshish ki situation ko sambhalne ki par shayad meri kismat me khush rahna nahi tha. Ladai aisi hui ki usne muhje ignore karna door kar diya. Main ladkiyo ki tarah rota tha. Sara din muh latka kar udaas rehne laga tha. Fir ek din maine apni sis ko apna dukh bataya aur sis ne mujhe us ladki se dur rahne ko kaha. Par uske pait me yeh baat nahi pachi aur usne raat ko ghar me sabko bata diya. Mere papa ne mujhe sambhala aur daanta bhi. Par meri aankho se aansu rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the. Fir mere papa ne jo kaha usne mera dil aur tod diya. “meetha sapna samjh kar bul ja usko. Tere se jada to vo ladki samajhdar hai, manglik ladki ki shadi to manglik ladke ke sath hi hoti hai.” Us din mujhe ehsas hua k mujhe pyar ho gaya tha. Zindgi me pehle baar pyar hua, sacha pyar aur vo bhi aisa. Maine ye baat apni girlfriend ko batayi aur usko laga ki maine uski badnami karva rakhi hai. Main bohot gaktiya ki, kabhi bhi usko khush nahi rakh paya. Uski khusi aur respect ki kadar nahi ki.aur dhere dhere baat karna kam ho gaya aur fir ek din, Jan 4,2011 ko band ho gaya………………………………………………………
Aaj bhi main usko bhul nahi paya hoon. Jab bhi uski yaad aati hai, bohot mayusi mehsus hoti hai. Maine ghar se bahar nikalana band kar diya. Par jab jab nikla usko cross kiya. Jab bhi vo mere samne aati dil ek dum ruk jata tha. Achanak aisa lagta tha jaise sab kuch band ho gaya ho. Filmo ki tarah zindgi ruk gayi ho. Main bata nahi sakta k main kaisa mehsus karta tha. Bas itna tha k jab tak hum dusre ko cross nahi kar dete the, tab tak mera dil aur dimag bas paralysed ho jata tha. Maine ab rona chod diya, sharab peena bhi chod diya aur koshish ki hai ke jaldi se jaldi apne pairo pe kahda ho jau aur paise kamana shuru ho jaye. Problems aaj bhi hain aur shayad pahle se badi hain apr ab darr nahi lagta. Aur sabse important baat, main aaj bhi us ladki ko dil se bohot pyar karta hoon. Ek wish hai meri. Main ek baar us se milna chata hoon aur usko apni galtiyo ke kiye sorry kena chahta hoon. Aur ye bhi dikhana chahata hu k main uski respect pehle se jada karne laga hoon. Uske sath bitaya hua time meri life ka sabse khobsurat aur kimti time hai. Aaj bhi jab vo pal yaad aate hain to sochta hoon ki kash main time me vapis ja saku aur apni galtiya sudhar saku aur us se jada payar de saku jo main nahi de paya. Aur shayad main us se kabhi milu hi na, aur na hi humari dosti ho na hi usko meri taraf se koi dukh mile. Main aaj bhi marta hoon uski yaad me par apni family ki responsibilities bhi saamajhne laga hoon. Main apna ek resolution banaya hai k agar uski shadi se pehle mein kamane lag gaya aur mera goal pura ho gaya to uske ghar shadi k proposal lekar jaunga nahi to kabhi bhi shadi nahi karunga par humesha apne parents ki dekh bhal karunga aur humesha us ladki se pyar karta rahunga. Vo mera pehla aur shayad aakhiri pyar hai. I love you Unni…..yours yashpal

(Screen) Name: Yashpal


Love at First Sight

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When Me and Alex first met it was at both of our friends’ wedding. He was a friend of the groom and I was a friend of the bride. He is from a different state so I only met him the night before the wedding. We were paired off to walk together because apparently we looked good together…:).
The day of the wedding I found out that the girl that was helping with our hair and make-up that also came from a different state was Alex’s girlfriend. I was very surprised because it seemed like we had a connection so I didn’t think he had a girlfriend. But as my friend likes to say that didn’t stop me. Well to my defense I was bored so naturally since Alex was sitting next to me at the reception we talked the entire time. (I didn’t have to worry about being bored at the ceremony because I slept through most of it, they let the bridesmaids sit down since it was long).
Well naturally since me and Alex hit it off so great his girlfriend got jealous so when we went to take pictures afterwards she came with us and basically had him all to herself. So I felt left out. But I found another one of the grooms friends to flirt with. And I hadn’t seen Alex again or heard from him after. I did find out later that they broke up and she got married really soon after. The reason they broke up…that will come up later.
So about 2 years pass, and it just so happened that one of my friends that lives in Oregon (that’s where Alex lives also) was getting married. So I went to her wedding. And it actually was a last minute decision because I didn’t think I could go. But I did, and I am so happy I did…:).
I helped with decorations for the wedding, with the flowers and you name it, so during the wedding I was really tired. During the reception which was at the same church the ceremony was at. I decided to go exploring by myself. It was a huge and very beautiful church. Well it turned out that some people that actually go to that church were decorating for this big thanksgiving thing. So I went to check it out and who do I bump into? Alex. We recognized each other immediately and started talking. But I had to go back to the wedding. Later he came to find me and he wouldn’t leave my side. I was pretty impressed… he definitely knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. So he got my number, we hung out the next day, but then I had to go back home. We started talking on the phone every night and before I even knew it I was in love.
He later confessed that the first time he saw me he knew he wanted to be with me. And he said he lost interest in his then girlfriend right after he met me. Which is why after she started pressuring him to get married they broke up.
Now we’re happily dating…well as happy as you can be in a long distance relationship. And we’re actually pretty seriously talking about getting married in the near future.
So love at first sight really does exist, we just clicked that first time we met and fell in love pretty fast as soon as we reconnected after 2 years. :):)

(Screen) Name: VintageGirlie

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