No Guys, She’s Not THAT Busy….

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No Guys, She’s Not THAT Busy….

We hear it all the time- women talking to each other and asking questions and advice about some guy they were supposed to hear from but haven’t heard from yet. Do you think he’s just really busy? Maybe his text didn’t go through? The questions
A-notinyou (13)of possibilities as to why he hasn’t called her is endless- any reason to hang on to the hopes that something special between them might be there.

Well, guess what? Ladies are not alone in this guessing game (thank goodness)!It appears that more and more guys find themselves thinking and wondering the same things. Guys may not be as vocal about these concerns, but they are thinking it.

Okay guys- so you’ve met a hottie  that you really like and she she has given you signs (at least you think she has0 that she likes you too. You two get along great, seem to be mutually attracted to each other, flirt like crazy, etc. etc. Everything is going great, you text and call each other all the time- until now. Suddenly the texts are few and far between and if you talk on the phone, it’s very short. She promised to call, text or e-mail you back soon, only to end up taking her precious time, leaving you in the dark wondering “Is she maybe just really busy?”.

There is one quick and clear way to answer such question and that is by answering it yourself! Are you too busy to stay in touch with her and check in? Nope, I didn’t think so.  Come on guys, you know very well if that if you are that interested in a woman, then nothing will stop you from sending her text or giving her a quick call,  even with the busiest of schedules.

The same goes for women. When we like a man that much,   we are never too busy to answer a text, send an e-mail or get in touch in some shape or form.  Heck, with all the options we now have to keep in touch thanks to social networking, there simply is no excuse. With emergencies and crisis’s as the obvious exception, a woman who is truly crazy about you will not keep you waiting too long to hear back from you.

So what does this mean then? It means the same thing when a guy takes his precious time to get in touch with a girl: She’s just not the Interested.



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