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Online Dating

Dating Online can be a tricky affair for newbie’s. Just like searching a topic on internet getting a right dating site can be very difficult. Not because of shortage of such sites but it is a problem of plenty when it comes to anything online. So let us look at all the options available to us for Dating Online.online dating

Dating sites have been in such high demand that you have a new dating site coming up almost everyday. Prime goal of any successful business is to fill the demand-supply gap. So to fill the needs of lonely singles, separated and divorced etc. dating sites are available. It is no surprise that most of the online dating sites cater to the male population as they make the majority of the internet users. The dating sites can be broadly classified into two categories – Region based and profile based.

Region based

As the name suggests these sites target the people in a specific region. Mostly they are country based or city based. This doesn’t mean they cater to the people only. Rather they become a place where people from any region can date with people of that region. A very successful example is www.filipinofriendfinder.com. This has been a portal where guys from western countries date Filipinas online.

Profile based

These kind of online dating sites have been the most successful as they deliver to the specific needs of the person dating. These online Dating sites can again be categorized into different profiles they cater to.

Age: These dating sites have different sections based on age groups. Starting from the teens to sexagenarians, here the girls who register are listed in the section as per their age and the guys visiting the sites can check out the list and the profiles of the girls and then accordig to their choice can get in touch with the girl. If the interest is mutual they can take the relation further.

Marital Status: These dating sites have different sections based on the marital status. The most common being single, separated, single mom and divorced. This becomes a big advantage to the users as the people visiting the sections are prepared mentally for what they are going to get. A person can be sure that the other people reading her profile know already that she is separated or divorced so that the chances of finding a good date are high.

Sexual orientation: This is a recent addition to the online dating scene. The sections may be categorized as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. The sexual freedom of an individual was never at this level before. Now homosexuality is acceptable in most societies. And the dating business didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity so these sites came up to cater to the needs of these individuals.

The most successful online dating sites usually have all these functionalities in them. The versatility of these sites help the registered members to search for a match based on region, age, marital status and interests. Most of the dating sites have free registration fee for their services offered. But if you want to contact any other member a small payment has to be given. The search and browse facility is given to the free members. So one can visit and checkout the facilities provided and the profiles of the other members and if some good prospects are identified then he can upgrade his membership to a paid member and get in touch with the identified prospects.

Most dating sites have photo upload, video upload, and homepage link and chat room facilities. Chat room is one of the most used facilities. This allows people to either chat on a common platform or to talk with an individual privately. And as they interact more and more they get to know each other more. This becomes one of the most attractive features in any online dating site.


Take care to verify the site before you register as a paid member. Never give your credit card number before verifying the site and its reputation. Never register on a dating site that asks for your credit card number while your initial registration. All profiles on the dating sites need not be genuine. People may fill in wrong information to give a false impression about self. And most importantly read the terms and conditions before you register on an online dating site.


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