Couples & Passwords

Couples & Passwords

Recent Poll: Should Couples have each other’s Passwords?

If there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to relationships, it is that trust is super important. If you cannot trust each other, then your relationship cannot carry that feeling of safety and security that it needs in order to be healthy A-online_secrets (14)and happy.
A lot of the trust we choose to invest into one another comes from our partners being open with us about almost anything and everything. The more we share with each other, the more we feel we really know our lovers and what they are up to, making us feel like we can trust them with our hearts.
How much should we really share with each other though? Does being in a relationship mean we have to sacrifice our complete freedom and privacy?

I polled both men and women to see what they thought about password sharing

Here is what I learned:

I actually got pretty similar answers from the men and women! However, slightly more women believed their partners should share passwords and more information with them, than the men. More men believed in having some privacy even when in a relationship and feel they should not have to share their passwords. However, they did think it was okay to share a little more if they were married, while more women felt being in a monogamous relationship was reason enough to have in on their lover’s passwords and info. A lot of women felt that if their partner really has nothing to hide, then they should have no problem sharing their passwords and showing them their social accounts. Majority of men on the other hand, were less concerned about knowing their lovers passwords.

So, should we share our Passwords?…

In the end, it really is between you and your significant other. If you both are genuinely okay with that and do not feel like your rights to privacy is being violated, then share away!
Personally, I feel people too often feel that a relationship means you become “one” and develop this obsession in knowing everything about the other. I believe that a relationship (and marriage) is about two individual people choosing to share their lives together. This does not in any way mean you have to give up your freedom and privacy in order to keep your relationship happy. In fact, not having any privacy or feeling of individuality can (and probably will) actually create problems and resentment.A-share_relationship  (17)
Trust is not something that will be achieved through knowing every single one of each other’s passwords and if you feel you need all that in order to feel safe and secure in your relationship, then perhaps it is time to take a look at the connection (or lack of) you are making with your lover.
Mind you, your partner should not be acting super secretive about everything either. Freedom and privacy? Yes! But if your partner is acting strangely and overly defensive when it comes to their social accounts and try to avoid the subject, then perhaps it is time to find out what skeletons may be lurking in their social closet. It is about finding that happy medium between being open and honest with each other and still having some privacy to maintain a healthy dose



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