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Are You Sending too many Selfies?

Yes, we do live in a selfie culture and taking selfies on a daily basis is the norm. In fact, many people have hundreds if not thousands of followers via social media, eager to see what selfie they will post next. This is all fun and fine, but what about in the case of flirting and dating? If you are flirting with someone you like and likes you back, or if you are dating someone- is there such thing as sending too many selfies?

Quick Ramble…A-selfie (16)

Once upon a time, I really disliked the fact that people were communicating more through texting than they were though actual talking. Fats forward a little while later and I found myself in love with the whole texting and photo sharing type of communication. I think people are very visual creatures, so it is no wonder we feel drawn to sites and pages that provide us with enough imagery to go along with the text we are choosing to read. When it comes to texting and social networking, it is quite fun to send and receive photos of our friends and see where they are and what they are up to.

Back to the Selfies…

When it comes to dating though, I think you should watch how much of yourself you are actually sending to your person of interest, especially if you just starting to see them. Yes, he or she does like you and thinks you are hot and is amused by the pretty, playful and even sexy photos you are sending. However, there is such thing as selfie overload. If you are constantly sending photos of yourself, it can quickly go from being a fun turn on to a tacky turn off. It is important to be careful about that message you are trying to send exactly, by sending all these selfies. You want to send selfies a s way to stay connected when you are not together physically and obviously to keep them interested in thirty for more. If you send too many though, you will just appear more self-absorbed than anything else. Send a cute selfie every now and then to keep things interesting and fun, but avoid bombarding their phone with daily selfies. Instead, try a good old fashioned text simply to say hi and that you were thinking of him or her. Still feel the strong urge to send an image. Try sending something else other than your face. For example, take a photo of a drink you are enjoying (like a cocktail or martini, for example) and send it to him or her as a way of saying “I’m out having a good time and thinking of you”. You can also end a group selfie once in a while when you are out with friends as a way of sharing a fun moment. This way you appear as someone who is just thinking of him (or her) and sharing a moment rather than someone who is fishing for constant compliments. So some selfies, yes- constant daily selfies- no.



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