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Speed Dating

Speed Dating - Is this a type of dating for you?

Speed dating is said to be one of the most fast and smart matchmaking processes ever made. Speed dating allows a person to avoid wasting time in awkward dates that can go for any long period of time like for 2-3 hours in the least. However, speed dating relies on the principle of first impression, is generally the lasting impression and therefore these dates last only for 3-8 minutes.

Speed dating was actually formulated for Jewish singles to meet and find each other a partner by Rabbi Aish Ha Torah. This type of dating meant business and no huff-puff. Speed dating was an instant hit because people found it very comfortable to interact with each other for a short period of time.

Speed dating does not involve people starting to date the instant they entered the dating venue. Instead there is a process involved, which not only prepares candidates for dating, but also ensures that they are in happy mood so that they can make decisions when they started meeting people. The mood is set generally after a party held initially and then the process of dating begins.

Different categories are made depending on conditions of the candidates regarding requirements from their prospective partner. As people start meeting each other, men and women are allowed to note names of those candidates whom they find interesting. They can later submit the list of names and they will get to see their favored candidate, if he/she has chosen each other. speed dating

Success rate among speed dating is higher than any other type of dating, the reason being people are not allowed to enter too many details about each other; they are allowed to make decisions after their first meeting with the prospective candidates. Candidates are prohibited from giving any of their contact details to their dates, all candidates will have to contact the managing committee for details of the person they are interested in.

Speed dating became such a success, that it instantly started commercial services for communities other than the Jewish one. People started using speed dating to find partners faster than any other way. Speed dating has been highly successful for women than for men.

You require registering for speed dating service, you can do this online or by personally visiting the agency, you will also require paying for registration charges. Speed dating has also been started for special categories like gays and lesbians. However, there are special days decided for each category so that they are comfortable. Speed dating has caught up and is the most famous form of dating.

Speed dating is also economically viable, other than the registration fees and some small charges candidates may not be required to pay for any other expenses, unlike other forms of dating where there is quite a lot of expenditure on food, drinks and even buying other accessories like flowers, etc.

Speed dating is economical as well as faster and a smart way of dating. This has made a lot of opportunities available especially for women who would have otherwise shied away from single dating. Women love moving around in groups- and speed dating allows them the comfort of moving around in groups, while meeting prospective buyers at the same time.

Each date lasts for anywhere between 3-8 minutes, and after this period is over, the overseers may stop the date by ringing a bell or ringing a glass, whatever is available. A candidate is supposed to move to another date once one date is over. Short listed candidates are then allowed time and the results are given to each candidate after a day or so and not immediately.

This works quite well because there is no pressure on women candidates and selection can be done freely. Moreover, there are no blunt affirmations or negations, therefore, people do not end up feeling depressed or insulted, as well as the right for choice of right candidate is preserved.

Speed dating is offered by several online dating sites, which offer the candidates to meet in conducive and excellent environments. Speed dating is done and candidates are invited after profiles are matched.

Speed dating also takes candidates preferences according to age, education, sexual preferences, hobbies, height and weight, etc. Candidates can select people who make an impression on them at the very first date. Speed dating is both fun and serious, and all those who are genuinely interested in finding a partner for themselves are given the opportunity.

Candidates also may be given guidance regarding improving looks and making an impression on the other sex through speed dating. Most of the times, the organizers ask the candidates to dress well in a presentable manner and not go over board with it. Also, it was found that all those men using some type of cologne and turning out well groomed at the speed dating succeeded more.

Speed dating is catching up with a lot of people of other communities and it has given good results when finding a partner was concerned.


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