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Relationship Advice and Help are our two main categories. Our job is to give you the Professional Relationship Advice and help you need and deserve for all your Relationship problems.

Telephone Advice

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How it Works:

You will first need to complete a client form and then make your secure payment. Filling out the client form will include required information about you, some questions regarding your relationship or other issue, and a section to briefly describe your relationship and the issue of your concern. This form will help your counselor examine your problem so that they can familiarize themselves with your situation and understand what is going on before the live telephone session takes place. You will then be able to call a Toll Free number on the day and hour of your set appointment.

What issues do our counselors cover?

Below are some topics our experts have successfully helped many clients with:

Relationships issues concerning:

1.Relationship Problems



4.Break Ups

5.Divorce Survival

6. Long Distance Relationships

7.Online Relationships

8. Conflicts

* These are some of the most popular areas covered regarding relationships. However, our counselors are happy to help you with any other areas the best they can!

Sexual Matters
Self-Esteem Issues
Emotional Counseling
Stress Management

Promised Confidentiality

The information exchanged between you and your counseling expert will remain confidential and will never be displayed anywhere, unless permitted by you, the client. We respect your privacy and want you to feel safe and comfortable with your counselor so that you can get the advice you need with the confidence that your issues will not be shared with others or shown anywhere.

Session Fees

Love-Sessions offers you expert advice at reasonable price options:

15 minutes of Telephone Counseling / Advice - $14.50 
30 minutes of Telephone Counseling / Advice - $28.00 
60 minutes of Telephone Counseling / Advice - $50.00
120 minutes of Telephone Counseling / Advice - $90.00

Some Client Comments:

* Client’s name and age have been listed with client’s consent.

“ The thought telephone counseling made me very nervous, but my counselor was very patient and understanding, and gave me good advice.”- Anonymous Client 32

“ My counselor had a great personality and gave me great advice. Thanks!” – Gary

“ My counselor was a wonderful listener with really helpful advice.”- Anonymous Client

“ The telephone session helped me a lot and I received great advice from my counselor, who was very professional.”- Mary 28

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