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Relationship Advice and Help are our two main categories. Our job is to give you the Professional Relationship Advice and help you need and deserve for all your Relationship problems.

Topics on which we can be Assist you: Love Relationships Dating Sexual Health

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Here are only some of the topics you can be happily assisted with. Do not feel hopeless if you do not see your issue on the list. You will be able to receive assistance with your special issue as well!

+ Guidance on flirting and getting someone to notice you Tips
+ Relationship advice
+ Dating advice
+ Learning more about the art of seduction
+ Answers to Sexual Questions
+ Romantic ideas for dates, anniversaries, etc.
+ Is he or she the One for you?
+ Arguments and Fights
+ Finding out if your mate is cheating
+ Solutions for your insecurity
+ Mending a broken heart
+ How to break up with someone
+ Finding out if you are ready for marriage
+ Curing the marrying jitters
+ Keeping the Passion alive
+ Bonding better with your children
+ Emotional stress (Management)
+ Online relationships
+ Depression

Subjects and Issues on Relationships to Find at Love-Sessions.

Advice Topics

Love Advice
Sexual Health
Divorce Advice
Online Counseling
Cheating Spouse
Emotional Counseling
Relationship Problem
Stress Management
Interracial Dating

Advice Options

E-Session through E-mail

Relationship Basics

What is love?
Are we a match?
Are you ready for a relationship?
Breaking up Making Up
Making Up
Mixed Messages
New Start

Date Tips
Fun & Adventurous
Love Online
Impress your date, make him drool.
First date etiquette; Do's and Don'ts
An eye on your best friend's friend?

Wedding Planner
More Proposals
More Weddings

Marriage Help
Are you ready for marriage?
Marriage Trouble
Spice up your sexual Relationship
Marriage Comments
Living Happily Ever After

Recipe for a Healthy Relationship
Building the Bond in your Relationship
Prescription for a Broken Heart
Conquering your Jealousy
Surviving a Long Distance Relationship
Dealing with a Flirtatious Partner
What is your Love Personality?
Forgiving an Affair
How to live a happy and satisfying life
Forgiving an affair
Are you addicted to disappointing relationships?
Handling your fears
Changing the way you look at your self
Make your romantic dreams come true
Marital Depression & How to avoid it
Understanding your Partner's Sexuality
Tracking your Soul Mate
Rediscovering Yourself
Cheating: When the Temptation comes along
Can taking time apart help your relationship?
Setting your Relationship Goals
Are you being lied to?
Finding a Fulfilling Relationship
Is Your Partner the Marrying Type?
Temptation and Cheating; Keep your Relationship Strong
How to break up
Surviving and affair
Online Relationships
Relationship Trouble

Kissing Lessons
Seduction Lessons
Office Romance: Is it Ok?
What makes a woman sexy?
Saving your Relationship
10 Date& Flirt Secrets
Top 3 Turn Off's
Romantic Ideas
Saving your Marriage or Relationship
Make Romantic Dreams Come True
Where is your Partner spending
Best Date Place
Christmas Gift Ideas
Why your lover won't commit
Are you ready for True Love?
Love Quotes
Love Quote 1
Love Quote 2
Love Quote
Relationship Advice
Are you in Love with an illusion? Test it!
Problem Solving your Relationship
Are you hanging on to a Dead-End Relationship?
Most Common Relationship Conflicts
Being the Mistress: Is it worth it?
Ready for Children
Romantic Fall Ideas
Confess Cheating and Betrayal
What makes a woman desirable
Art of Kissing
Confident of Conceited
Valentine Ideas

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Client Comments

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Love-Sessions has been a big help in making me understand my relationship so much more and my boyfriend and I get along so much better. Thanks! – Anonymous Client 20

I suggest anyone who needs advice to give Love-Sessions a try. They really take the time to understand you. – Anonymous Client After a few sessions, I gathered the strength to leave an unhappy marriage. Love-Sessions gave me wonderful guidance. Thank you Love-Sessions! – Thankful Client 31

My Love-Sessions counselor made me realize just how much my girlfriend means to me. I am finally ready to pop the question with no doubts! Love-Sessions gives great advice. – Satisfied Client

I was never one to get counseled in my relationships, but Love-Sessions made me change my mind about the idea. It is great to know that you can share your thoughts and worries with someone and then receive professional advice. It helped me discover new things. Anonymous Client 47

Love-Sessions is a terrific place to get advice. I learned a lot about love and relationships, thanks! – Happy Client 22

If you need help with love I think you should get it from love-sessions, it really helped me. – Anonymous Client

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