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Why You Keep Falling for Losers

… And How to STOP it!

I really wish I did not have to bring this topic up in the first place, because this only means that enough intelligent women out there are falling for losers. I mean girls, really! We say we want a good man who is sweet, who will be attentive, who is goal driven, successful, has a good head on his shoulders and so on. Yet is this the man many of us find ourselves in the arms of? No! Unfortunately, too many of us are falling for flat out losers.
Yes, I know it’s such a harsh word, but I’m just keeping it real. A man with no job (or who goes from job to job), no car, sleeps at all odd hours of the day with no real goals in sight and on top of that does not really give you the attention you know you want, need and deserve…what does that make him? Certainly not a winner, that’s for sure.

I cannot help but scratch my head with extreme frustration and wonder why women keep doing this to themselves. When I really think about and look at it though, it really is quite obvious. None of us do anything without reason or without getting something out of it, even if it is a negative feed.

Here is why you keep falling for losers- and tips on how you can (and should) stop it!

Time to put our feet down and stop settling for less, girls- and grab ourselves some winners!


A-falling_for_losers (7)Reason 1: He seemed like a winner at first- Yup, even the smartest of us women can be fooled if a man knows how to lay on the charm. Perhaps when you first met, he said all the right things, he knew what bait to use to reel you right in. The first few get-togethers were fun and ran smoothly, only to quickly go downhill from there. You start seeing the true colors but have already grown quite fond of him, so you are finding it hard to break free.
Tip: See the situation for what it really is! Do not stay stuck on the sweet memories of when you first met. Focus on the now and how he is really being. If you ignore the red flags, you are only going to keep getting deeper and deeper into a very unsatisfactory relationship, but will also keep growing emotionally attached to him- leaving you stuck in a loser relationship hell.

Reason 2: You think you’re special enough to change him- Seriously, how many times are you going to do this to yourself? Yes, you are special, but trust me- not special enough for him to do a complete 180 and change his whole life around, solely for you. If improving his life is not something he is already interested in doing for himself, then he will not be doing it for you either- and if he sees that you keep sticking around without him having to make any changes, why would he feel any pressure to?
Tip: Focus on realizing how special and worthy you really are on your own, without having to depend on any man to feel that way. Knowing your own self-worth and understanding by yourself how special you are will definitely help you steer clear of getting involved with a loser. It all starts with self-love and once you get this accomplished, you will find yourself attracting the right men and you will never look at another loser again.

Reason 3: You want to walk on the wild side- Okay, I’ll admit it- we all crave walking on the wild side from time to time. After all, doing the right thing all the time and dating Mr. Nice Guys (even though that’s really what we want in the end) all the time can sometimes get, well- boring! So we try something different y going for that “bad boy”. All that bad boy really is though is a loser, with a bad boy mask that intrigues us for some reason. But it’s all an illusion ladies, so watch out! Get your little crush on from a distance, but then move on. Do not get stuck with this bad boy loser, you are only going to get hurt. Yes, it may start with that “it hurts so good” feeling at first, but in the end, it’s just going to hurt, real bad- why set yourself up for such misery?

Reason 4– Amazing Sexual Chemistry!- Gosh, sex can be so good that it really can be bad, can’t it? Too bad our bodies cannot tell the difference between winner and loser when it comes to guys. We cannot really help that sexual chemistry and connection we make with someone, it’s like a magnetic force! And who doesn’t enjoy amazing sex? I get it ladies, if you find a man who can give you yummy orgasms and you click well in bed, it can be almost impossible to resist, considering how many guys in your past that probably lacked greatly in this area. However, you must resist the temptation.
Tip: Either have your one night stand (or a few of them) to get it out of your system (if you must) and move on, or if you know you are the type of woman who can get emotionally attached quickly after sleeping with a guy, then do yourself a favor and avoid entering this territory. I know it means possibly missing out on some mind-blowing sexual adventure, but your dignity and heart will really thank you later.



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