Why Some Women get all the Guys

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Why Some Women get all the Guys

Do you know or have you seen how a certain woman seems to get all the guys?  It’s like a magnetic force, the way these guys are drawn to her. I mean sure, she is beautiful, but there are also millions of other very beautiful women in this world too, who do not seem to grab the kind of attention that she does! What is it about her, exactly and how can we get in on that kind of attention and action?

When it comes to men, there really isn’t anything complex going on. Guys are real simple and know what they like in a woman, period.  So what is it about her then? The oozing of sex appeal is what it seems to be.  At least this is what I kept hearing  when I was going around asking a bunch of men questions about this very subject.

According to the guys I had a chat with over this,  most of them told me that if you see a woman with a bunch a guys around her, trying to win her over, always offering to buy her a drink and so on, it is because of the way she presents herself that just oozes sex appeal.  From the way she’s dressed to the way her body language is expressed- the sex appeal is just pouring out and the men simply can’t take their eyes off her and must get to know her better.

A-getting all guys-1 (9)Little Note…

Keep in mind ladies, that I said sex appeal- which is not to be confused with slutty. Yes, you get those women who are just overly exposed that will get male attention too, but for all the wrong reasons- and that is not the kind we are talking about here, because that is not oozing sex appeal, it’s just saying “I’m easy”, and believe it or not- the bunches of guys that I talked to in different age ranges said that they did not feel attracted to or turned on by a women who appeared easy and sleazy.  They actually like sexiness with a little mystery more- something to leave to their imagination and fantasize about!

Okay, so that makes enough sense- that some women are just oozing with sex appeal and therefore get most of the guys. But how can you achieve this? 

Here are some tips on how you too can ooze with Sex-Appeal:

  • Dress to Impress- obviously you are going to want to look your best when you go out for a social evening. Dress in something that makes you feel sexy, confident and like yourself. When you feel good in what you are wearing, you will walk tall and confidently- and confidence in a woman is something that men find very sexy.
  • Smile!-  This one can never be said enough. Smiling is very important, because not only does it show off your beautiful teeth and mouth- it also makes you appear friendlier and approachable.  After all, you can may look smokin’ hot, but if you have a serious look on your face most of the time, men are just going to pass on by due to you looking too serious and intimidating to approach.
  • Watch your body language- Walk with confidence and watch your posture. Sit up straight with your chest high, play with your hair a little, be feminine.  Men really pick up on and appreciate a woman who is in touch with her femininity and expresses it through body language.
  • Make Eye Contact- You carry more power to lure in a man with your eyes than you think! Men cannot resist a woman with a beautiful, flirty stare or friendly eye contact. Don’t think that every man you look at will mean you have to be stuck talking to him for the rest of the night either- just some friendly eye contact, combined with a smile to let the guys in the room know that you are friendly, fun and approachable.
  • Be Yourself!- Seriously, how cliché is this one? Very! But it really works, girls!  Do not be so serious while you are out there supposed to be having a good time. Forget about finding “the one” and concentrate more on having fun and enjoying the moment. Guys enjoy seeing a woman who is able to let her down and just be herself, laugh feely and enjoy herself without worrying so much about what will happen next. They can pick up on a woman who is relationship hunting and it can come off as too much- so just relax!

Keep these tips in mind and before you know it, you will find yourself drawing in more male attention when you go out. You too will be that one woman that gets all the guys. Remember to be yourself, have fun and that practice makes perfect- that applies to all skills, including this one!



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