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Your O-Face  

Your O-Face: Have you seen it and do you like it?

With great sex should come a great orgasm- and with each orgasm comes that o-face. That's right, your orgasm face- the face you make when you have reached your most pleasurable point during sex. Many people have not o-faceeven seen theirs, unaware of what they look like when they are having an actual orgasm- with only their sexual partner knowing what it looks like. Others, however are aware of what their o-face looks like and they either are okay with it, or they hate it. The faces you make during sex is not really important- or at least it should not be something you are super consumed with. It can however, be an issue for many- making one feel insecure in front of their lovers or even being a turn off for you if you do not like your partners o-face, making sex more challenging to enjoy together.

Seeing someone's sex face can either be a turn on or turn off- and you cannot help the way you feel about it. You can be completely in love with your partner and not like their orgasm face. Certain facial expressions will either be seen as sexy in our eyes or unattractive and you cannot control how your eyes and mind will receive and see things. This does not mean you are not turned on by your partner in general, but is just means that certain facial expressions just do not do for it, regardless of who would be making that face. The best thing to do in that situation is to shift your focus on the act itself- and the good feelings you and your partner are experiencing. A recent poll we have done showed that majority of people have not even seen their own orgasm face but were now curious to know what it looked like. Others who have seen what they look like are over all okay with it, but feel they could look sexier. Of course, Hollywood films and other sexy movies have spoiled it for most of us. We see steamy sex scenes where everyone looks perfect and makes the sexiest, lip-licking orgasm face, forgetting that these are performances and not reality. sex face

In reality, most of us make tense, concentrated faces- or even faces that look like we may even be in pain when we are in fact feeling total pleasure. When you are having an orgasm, you are in a vulnerable state, letting yourself go completely and allowing your body and face to just react without thinking about anything and only focusing on what you are feeling. This is how it should be. Sex and orgasms are about enjoying a fun, sexy intimate time with someone you really like, feel attracted to or are in love with. You should not start worrying about what your face looks like during an orgasm- not to the point where you begin to feel insecure about it, anyway. It is only natural to feel curious about what you look like. If you really want to know, ask your partner what you look like, or perform in front of a mirror next time- whether it is with or without a partner. You will quickly realize that it really is not that big of a deal and will soon get over it- going back to enjoying great sex and seeing your partners orgasm face...one they are able to make thanks to your help.

Written by Alina van Jenni





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