i am engaged almost 3 years now,we broke up about 1 year ago i started seeing someone else who happened 2 be my fiance’s neighbour, we slept together and i was so inlove with my fiance i went back with him for almost 5 months we were goin back an forth thinking if we should be together cause he dosen’t trust meThen suddenly he said that he love me & can’t see himself without me, i told him if he cant trust me it doesn’t make sense tryinbut he insisted we give us a try up to date he has not done anything for me to want to be with him instead he’s doin the oppsite and it’s gettin worst my feelings have changed so fast its frightening, I wanted to spend my life with him but i’m not happy i’m forceing myself but it hurts i’ve made up my mind to leave him but haven’t told him yet i think it’s time to make myself happy then he tells me i have to go stay by my mom because his mom is movin home by him i find that to be the most dumdest thing i’ve ever heard. What do you think i should do

(Screen) Name: deon