So I’ve been at this school for about two years. I met my best friend there, we are just the bestest friends ever! We do everything together; go to the park, sleepovers, math tests etc. But recently I’ve been having feelings for my friends older sibling. I don’t know whether that’s right or wrong, but I know that if my friend finds out, our friendship is OVER. This isn’t just some crush, I truley love him. He’s not the most handsome guy in the world but i love him for who he is, not what he looks like. I know where to find him at lunch. I make an excuse to go there just so I can see him. We talk, have a laugh, stuff like that. But he has NO idea about the pain behind my smile. Every day I think about him, knowing that I can never tell anyone. He doesn’t know that I love him, but I just want to tell him and get it over with, but I’m afraid of how he’ll react. You know, it would be great if he loved me too, but even if he’s not interested in my like that, I still don’t want to lose him as a friend. Also I’m under a lot of pressure. Two guys recently asked me out and I told them that I loved someone else, and hey never leave me alone now. I walk in to the room and straight away they’re asking me “Who is he?Tell me, tell me, tell me!” I don’t know what to do. PLESE HELP!!!

(Screen) Name: Love-sick97