Igot in a fight with my “best friend” last year in seventh grade. all because she was using her “powers” to make everybody do as she does. i got mad, ok, i hide my feelings usually. so, one day, i didn’t get my lunch, that day was my first day of my club meeting, so i was angry. Someone told me that the lunch was in the classroom already. Angrily, I ran up the stairs, met her on the way. She told me something, but i was angry so i didn’t hear anything. I didn’t even know that she was beside me. others say that she was telling me to wait for her to go to the meeting together. who cares. so anyways, i went down to the meeting myself. then she got all hurt and that stuff. she started whining to her mother, got me in trouble. he mother met me in school one day and she asked me what happened. OK. I DON’T KNOW!! I WAS MAD!! K?? So i just shrugged and said, “Dunno. Nothing. Sorry, bye.” and walked off to eat with my friends. So the next day she tells my mom that i made a face at her and had a horrible attitude. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THAT?? just walking innocently in the halls and she comes over to ruin my mood. So i got in trouble blah blah. Now we aren’t friends. Maybe enemies. So she didn’t have a lot of friends before she met me. All of my friends started knowing her afterwards. Became friends with her. Slowly, I realize, she is trying to ruin my life at school. What have I become? friendless. but why? she takes them away. bullies me. causing me to be left out. causing me to always be the one in trouble. i hate the life at school. until now, i find out. no one likes her. they all talk with her only because she forces them to. She told them i was a b*t*h. how they shouldn’t be friends with me. ????????? I actually accept their friendships!! Let my friends choose!! tell me. should i be selfish? should i accept the friendship? please!! help!!

(Screen) Name: pardirina