My crossdressing began when  I was 5 or 6. I have a twin sister who liked to dress me in her clothes and I loved it. It went on for a couple of years until our mother walked in on us one day and contrary to what we thought, said I was a cute as my sister. It didn’t bother her. As time went on my sister began buying things for me as did my mother. Mother later confessed that she thought I’d grow out of it but by the time her idea changed I was a committed ”transvestite” as we were called back then.

When Rebekka and I were 11 and she began developing and I became extremely jealous but to humor me she let me touch her ”titties” as we called them. Also at that time my cock began exerting itself and I let her touch it. In due time I showed her how I made it make me ”feel good” and began shooting loads into my hand right in front of her. This exploring continued until we were 14 and regularly masturbating each other. In school we both heard about other ways of having fun. In fact by then I realized I liked being with boys and sucking cock. At home I told Bekka about it and asked her to do it to me. And she did, and it was good. She asked me to ”kiss my pussy” and soon we were deeply into oral sex.

I had given myself to a boy so i wasn’t a virgin back there so i knew I would like to get Bekka’s ass and while licking her pussy I’d flick my tongue around her asshole and she loved it. I told her I wanted to fuck her there to my utter surprise she told me I had to do her pussy first. And so I got my first cherry.

Our fucking became frequent and my crossdressing a regular part of out home life. (Our father was dead so it was just we three ”girls”.)

Mother kind of had an idea that something might be going on but kept quiet about it. She was not the most modest woman had regularly walked around our apartment  in her underthings. Bekka and I always talked about her great body and I actually told her that I would love to fuck our mother. Mt sister had begun looking at girls and had some very satisfying affairs. We were both truly bisexual and this had her looking at Mother too.

Mother never, ever drank, but one year, when we were almost 17 she came home from a Christmas party totally bombed. She could barely get trough the door. We were both  up and making out on the couch in our nightgowns and we jumped when we heard her at the door. We helped her in and took her straight to her bedroom where she insisted on getting out of he clothes. I unzipped her dress and we got that off and Bekka got her slip straps off her shoulders and soon it was on the floor. At that point Mother said she had to lay down and we helped her into her bed. By then though we were both turned on and we got her pantyhose and panties off, followed by her bra. She had a big bush and her boobs eres a 42D which Bekka just had to feel and then do some nipple nibbling. Mother was out cold and it was my sister who began fooling around, eventually going down on Mother, while I sucked on her tits. She had nipples that swelled to almost ping-pong ball size.

Bekka insisted I go down for a taste and I spent about 5  minutes licking and sucking our mother’s cunt. I was hard as a rock and without anything being said I pulled up my nightie and slid my cock into our mother dripping cunt. And it was good. I came twice and after withdrawing Bekka went down and licked it clean.

It was then we realized that we had raped our mother. We knew she was a sexy lady and accepted each of us being bi and even me being a crossdresser but we doubted she’d go so far as to let me/us fuck her. I mean she had a good idea that Bekka and I were in a relationship but that was probably as far as she’d go. We were scared shitless.

The next morning we were sitting in the kitchen when she came in. With coffee in hand she sat at the table and came right out with it: ”You two enjoy good old Mom last night?” She said she knew what we did and no matter what spin we put on it, it was rape and incest and wrong. We felt terrible and still scared. She said she knew we were fucking and what all else, and that I was sucking cocks and probably being fucked in the ass and that her daughter was eating pussy, but that paled beside raping their incapacitated mother.

We both began crying and begging forgiveness but then she dropped the bombshell: It was alright because she wanted it but she just couldn’t bring herself to offer herself to us and knew it was the only way was for us to do what we did. She secretly planned it and prayed by passing out we’d take the bait. And did we  ever? At the time we were almost 17 and she was 42 and for the next 38 years we were a three-some. A couple of time Bekka had false pregnancies which scared us again, and in the first year Mother swore she was pregnant. Finally I was tested and determined i was sterile. Talk about small favors.

Our sex-capades left nothing out. Bekka and Mother had a double headed dilod which the condescended to share with me, each taking her turn with me on the other end. They both could really take a lot and their pussies would be rubbing against each other. I couldn’t take as much. We got into serious assfucking, golden showers, and spanking. Nothing was taboo. even when Mother was in her 70s and 80s, everything was fair game.