I had sex with my friend wife 3-4 times a week for the first 5 years even with the kids there even once when their 16 y/o daughter was in her bedroom up the hall we was in the bathroom

i cant believe what we use to do so much way too much to write she became pregnant in 2008 the child looks like her husbands

but so many times her husband was going in her only hours after me or I was going in her early always on mondays mornings right behind him from Sunday

His job was 45 mins from home he worked at night I was at their house as soon as the school bus left at 715 so many mornings he got off work at 8 so many times he called to ask her if she wanted him to pick up breakfast at shoneys she would be tooted up on the side of the bed talking my penis stuck way up in her , so many times I met him less than 3 mins from home way to close I know I’m lucky we both are so fortunate he never caught us , we had sex in their bed so many times I can’t count we even had sex in their daughter bed once and it broke  likewise at my house in my wife and I bed. So close one day the kids was running in off the school bus we almost got caught just because pulled out at the last second I ran in th3 bathroom drops of cum on the floor

I know we both are fortunate to be alive