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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 12

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Chivalry isn't dead, its's just not many are keeping it alive
*sometimes it's hard to say no when u really mean yes,it's hard to close ur eyes when u really wanna see,it's hard to forget if u really can't,..but the hardest thing to do is let go,when ur heart says no.-Nylresh Saiburrabac
To the world you may be just one person but to just one person you may be the world!
I was stargazing last night...I tried matching each star with one reason why I love you. It was working very well...until i ran out of stars.
when you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers. remember that in those spaces, my fingers are locked with yours forever(:.
It hurts when u love someone & dont get love in return but it hurts more when u love someone n cant say
i mis your smile, i miss your laugh, but have no idea why x!

True love is never ending x

i will never be so stupis to fall for your foolish ways again x

ill get over the love I once new
when u love someone u cant get their name out of our head
i think of you each morning and dream of you every night
i love some one so much and his name is cameron and stan
the sweetest thing a guy could do for his girl is to sit with his friends, look at her from afar and tell his friends..:...
"look at my baby, have you seen anyone so beautiful? Damn bro! she's my life!" :)
weN u loVe, u wiLL aLwayS l0Ve, for waTZ in uR mIND may esCape but For watZ in uR hearT wiLL reMAIN forever.. rheJZZ
peOple may foRget whaT you've saiD, but theY could never forGet how you made them feeL.. rhejZz
before yoU meeT yoUr haNds0me prince, U must First kiss a loT of Toadzzz... rhejZz..
iF a maN waNtz U, N0thinG cAn keEp hiM AwaY.. iF HE DOESnT WanT u, NothinG caN makE hiM STay.. rheJzzz
We are made for each other indeed. No one LIKES me and No one LIKE you.
- P. Asheesh
I need someone to talk to about my personal life
because my personal life is growing faster each day.
I need someone who will know when I'm serious
and will give me some advice about this life I'm living.
I need someone who won't forget about me
and will stay with me until the end.
I need that person that someone,
I need my other half
love never gets tired...
only people do..
whenever they get tired...

it doesnt mean that they dont love you anymore..

they just wanna rest...

& come back...

to love you even more...

everything in life is temporary...

cause everything changes...

thats why it takes great courage..

to love someone...

knowing it might end...



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