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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 15

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'I get the best feeling in the world
when you say , hi or even smile at me because
I know, even if its just for a second
that I've crossed your mind'

Love is like a battle, someone will get hurt and be lost.
I wish you love me the way i love you
It is easy to turn a friendship into love than love into a friendship.
i want ur cute eyes, the way it captures, the way it shines, the way it smiles, the way it looks at me.
When i met you i was afraid to know you, when i knew you i was afraid to like you, when i liked you i was afraid to love you, now i love you and im afraid to lose you.
i only ever wanted to look at u when i blinked i was sad because that was one second i will never get back
someone please call the cops he stole my heart..
somewhere out there, there is someone who is meant to be the
love of your life, your best friend, your soulmate.. the one
you can tell your dreams to, he'll smile at you when you
tell him, but he will never laugh at your heart. he'll brush
the hair out of your eyes && send you flowers when you
least expect it. he'll call you to tell you goodnight just
before you get into bed, or just because he's thinking about
you. he'll be bursting to talk to you each morning, just to
hear the sound of your voice, he'll look into your eyes and
tell you that you are the most beautiful girl he's ever seen
&& for the first time in your life, you'll actually believe it
.even though how imperfect he was, i loved him more than i had loved the past. even how perfectly impefect he was, i loved him. that's how love works
I liked this boy for so long everytime i want to tell him there is always something in the way.xx
if you love some one then get off you're lazy ass and win your lover's heart!♥
**Everynite that im with u makes me relize that I would be nothing without you** Mi life would be done with and I would never get the key to mi heart back**
If good bye will be the last word that I have to say before I die, I won't let it be spoken, I'd rather die than to say Good bye to a person that I don't want to forget even after daeth.
The other night he said to me, "I may not show all the time about how much i care about you, but the truth is, is that im afraid to lose you."
i will never gonna let u go....i will fight for you tell the last breathe....i luv u so hold my hand ,hold it tight,coz am not gonna let you down....
Love is a simple word that comes to actions
You are the sun in my universe...Enlightening the love between you and me........
My true love was sweet.
Sweet, but he smelled like wheat.
I was immune but those who met us said Phew!
i laughed and we took a bath.
But then i relized i liked the wheat smell infused with his essence,
so we went and rolled around in the wheat fields until he said the words i longed for and stilled my racing heart.
He said he was scared i would run from him and his smell but i laughed and said, it's worth the smell if i get to halp you clean up and get dirty all over again.
Arm in arm we walked home not caring who said phew or ew because all we could say to each other, over and over, was I LOVE YOU!
Only you can make me whole again...my love, my , my hart...my everything

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