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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 3

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Be sure to always tell the person u love that u love them and don't lie about it.
heart to heart a 1000 miles a part but i can never depart frm u r sweet heart
If love was water i would drink the see, if love was a dream i would go to heaven, if love was a tree i would take the forest.... shall i tell you what love is ?.... you and me.
If love was water i would drink the see, if love was a dream i would go to heaven, if love was a tree i would take the forest.... shall i tell you what love is ?.... you and me.
Ur my everything, but you act lik you don't like me. Behind those brown eyes theres love for me.
when you love a person..u r not only giving right to make u happy but also giving the right to hurt u
Follow the roots of love and you shall find God, for he is the creator of love everlasting - Blklovette
you know you love her when you think of nothing but then she pops in your head and all you can do is sigh because she doesn't know how much you love her ( to you lucky)
I wonder if ur mother is a honey bee, because only a honey bee can aything as sweet as u
i love you so much...... only if you could give me a chance!
You know what happens to a popsicle on the 4th of July?
How it melts all over? Well, Babe, that's what happens to my heart when you tell me you love me.& His kiss;
it makes me melt; makes my stomach do flip flops; makes my head spin; puts me on Cloud Nine; oh, my,
it's like an addiction.Back off, Cinderella. He's mine.
Love is a wonderful thing. You never have to take it away from one person to give it to another. There's always more than enough to go around.
when u r in love u don't care,wht the time is and whn u slept?????
but, whn ur beloved ones r nt more with u .......
thn u c notice the time very closely as wht v use to do at tht min...and so on........
Evey girl wants a man she can go to in her sweats, hair a mess, make up running down her face, eyes red from crying and the first thing he tells her is baby your beautiful and means it
love compels us to do the things we normally wouldnt. love gives us new hope, new wings and a new beginning..when all else fails..love..it will set you free
i took the whiskey bottle and hit him over the head,
the i told him that i wanted him to take back all he said
he fucked me one night and the next he said,"your no good at sex, your just good at pissind me off"
love is when you love someone else more than you love yourself
Love is the blueprint for happiness.
Author: Lamar Cole
Love is not a toy. It's more like a collectible that shoulden't be tampered with.

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