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Love and Admire Quotes - Part 7

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having sensual thoughts is natural tuning into your sensuality is an art! aspire to develop it
sometimes butterflies flutter around our lives for but a moment
u gave me a new life
If You Truely Loved Somebody You Would Let Them Go,If They Come Back Their Yours For Keeps!
i wish i was a teddybear lying on your bed so when you went to hug the bear you'd be hugging me instead
LOVE: "An INDEFINITE word that only your Heart could ever define."
When I first saw you I was afraid to talk to you, when I first talked to you i was afraid to like you, when i first liked you i was afraid to love you, now that I love you i'm afraid to lose you.
Some times i feel LOVE,
some time i wont but i know
i am in love
but till now id'nt know how
i may not be in love, but i know that i do love you, i care about you more than i could alot of people, im glad things worked out the way that they did becuase you mean the world to me, for everything that you are and everything that your not!

i jusT wonDer did you ever think of me anYmoRe coz stiLL all i see and miSs is yoU..
jsut when you think you're falling in love you realise yuou need to get yourself out of it before it's too late
Love sacrifices are sumtimes useless especially if that someone doesnt know how to apreciate.. they'l come to realize important things when its already too late...
And just remember;; your my world; my life; my hero; my everything (L)
Dont lead me on and leave me confused, any gurl wud rather be left alone than have her heart abused.
A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time.
"when a heart is true, theres no nid for words!! cause even in silence, love can be heard!! destiny determines who comes into our lives but its the heart that decides who stays inside..." - ivan_simple28@yahoo.com
I'm waiting patiently
for my phone to ring
you said you would call me back
and I don't doubt that you will
but I can only stay awake so long
I'm trying my best
I wanna fall asleep with the sound of your voice ringing in my ears
I wanna hear you sing to me
before I have to go to bed
I'm waiting patiently
because you said you'd call me back
and I have no reason to doubt you
I'm sitting here thinking of you
praying that I can see you tomorrow
and waiting for my phone to ring
I'm waiting patiently
that's a new concept for me
but I'll do anything for you. - ivan_simple28@yahoo.com
Sometimes when you love someone so much, you must put them before yourself

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