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Love Quote Forgiving Quotes - Part 3

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They say don't let him think he can have your love back with a snap of his fingers, keep your dignity. But I am not ashamed to say you can come back to me at any time, at any moment, in any circumstance or place.. I'll be right back at your side because my heart is always yours.
No ending is an ending, though it's not as good as one wishes.
You hurt n lie to mi so many times but i still wif you coz you hav alread been a part of my life n i can't bear to leave you baby..
Hey my name is something but i dont feel like s aying me real name. I like boys at my schoiol but i dont want to tell them cause im scared that they wont like me back and just go around school telling every one plese give me advise what you think i should do. This is a deep secrat and I never ever told my deepest friend
Love hurts when God knows you deserve someone else
Love hurts when God knows you deserve someone else
if u love someone dont ever let him go but if that someone dont love u then give the freedom that she or he wants to then tell her i do this because ilove u
you think that i turned around... but were the one who turned around and walks away..i am still there waiting for u to turn back to me and i wish u will...
love is like a heaven but kills me like a hell
4get e luv u once knew, rem he has sumone new.
4get him wen tey played ur song, rem wen u cried all nite long.
4get e way he used to talk, rem he hsd chosen her.
you know i have always loved you, from the minute we was together to the minute it ended, and i still love you to this very day, if you want me, you know im always here waiting, for you to say i love you to.
you can lie with people that you dont care about her anymore...but you cant lie with your hurt that you always thinking about her...
Love is the power that heals the soul and mends hearts.
love people not things
use things not people:]
a man worth your tears will never make you use them
thinking of what we have been throw and what you used to do..i finaly seen that your not worth my tears any more
love is a way to get out of telling some one how you..well the easy way at least
you never know what youv got until youv lost it!!!
Loving someone is probebly the best thing u can ever get
you got my headaa spinning just like a carosel,thinking of you every minute, i know its crazy bit true, im in love with you
when he holds me close and i hear his heart beat and kiss his lips
i relize that this is where i want to be and this is how i want to feel
beauty only gets attention... personality captures the heart =]
cry a river, build a bridge and get over it!
Love is when you take away the feeling the passion and the romance and realize that you still love him...
When you love someone and you see them with somebody else, you know they don't love that person as much as you do.
*Love Isn't Pefect But That Doesnt Mean It Cant Last*
*Trust Is A Big Part In A Relationship But Its Not What Its All About*
*Dont Just Say The Words...Prove Them More Than Just Words*
*Sometimes In Life The Ones We Love Are The Ones Who Dont Notice Us & The Ones That Love Us Are The Ones We Dont Notice*
Love Is When You Laugh And Smile, Not For A Short Second And Not For A While. Love Is When You Say Need You Forever, When Your Happiest When Your Together- Victoria Young
LOVE is the look of someones eyes that say'S "I UNDERSTAND" the quite pleasure given by the touch of someones hand---JONATHAN
you are my heaven, you give joy in my chest, you are the light that brightens my dim hope..i hope that you will realize this, tell me then, what shall i do if all will be wasted in vain?..
Be sure to always tell the person u love that u love them and don't lie about it.
heart to heart a 1000 miles a part but i can never depart frm u r sweet heart

If love was water i would drink the see, if love was a dream i would go to heaven, if love was a tree i would take the forest.... shall i tell you what love is ?.... you and me.
If love was water i would drink the see, if love was a dream i would go to heaven, if love was a tree i would take the forest.... shall i tell you what love is ?.... you and me.
Ur my everything, but you act lik you don't like me. Behind those brown eyes theres love for me.
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Ghandi
i dont miss himm ; i miss who i thought he was .
I gave you my heart and you broke it. i gave you my trust and you lost it. i didn't ask for an apology because i knew u felt bad enough but u gave it anyway. And for that i forgive you and love you more than before.
If I cried a thousand tears,
Would you only fear that you would hear?
If I lied a thousand lies,
Would you take me with no surprise?
If I loved you like the moon sways the dewy grass in the late of night,
Would you only close your eyes?
If have I sang you the songs of the heavens,
Would you ignore me with no loving?
If the sun showed you my path,
Would you take it or misuse the wrath?
If I looked in your eyes,
And told you I tore down the great wall would you soon realize?
If I smiled and told you please love me the way you did,
Would you only nod and tell me to get rid?
If I smelt your passion,
Would you treat me like our old fashion?
If i swelled in your heart,
Would you promise me we will never be apart?
But now that this, us, has dulled into a slight breeze that only whispers are hearts of sin,
Would you still forgive me then?

Lirpa 61*8/002 the moon.
love is like a game that dangerous to play
i don't have any but would learn to write if i see someone to teach me how to compose love qoute

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