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Love Quote Other Quotes - Part 11

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how do you stop crying when the only person that can make you smile is the one that made you cry?
how can my heart be broken and can still love you with all of the little pieces?
i loved you with all my heart, igave you everything I ever havd but all you did was makeme fall apart
you dont fight for love. love is something you submit to.
Don't ever think you're in Love cause your not. Know you're in Love cause you are.
I knew I loved you before ever conceiving of love.
one morning i woke up and relized when u were gone that u were only one that cared. and now your gone and i am left here alone with out anymore by my sad
Apparently love will result in quotes filled with poor spelling and bad grammar.Just read these quotes.
To be loved is the greatest thing.... but it's only great if you find the right person
I wished you could come...
I wished you could stay...
But instead of being dumb...
I watched you walk away...
its like you give me the wings too fly but then cut them off and watch me die
Every time you reach back I am there to be torn up again hoping that the tearing of my heart will stop this time.
luv is like da' wind u cant c it but u can feel it ...
Love is not blind. It forsees the true meaning of love that lies within.
All I ask of you is one thing that you'll never do; That you put your arms around me, and tell me that you love me.
Love is When you shed a tear and still want him. It's when he ignores you and you still can't stop thinking about him. It's when he loves another girl, but you still smile and say you're happy for him. Love is when you want to let him go, but no matter what, that boy is the only thing on your mind.
Let love hurts you but never hurts your love
i miss u a lilo since u been gone. a few lilo memories keep meh hanging on. i miss u a lilo i guess u can say. a lilo too much a lilo too often a lilo more each day.
im not going to hate hym cuz u wan tmeh too. im not going to be mean too hym cuz he was mean too meh. im not going to fall out of love wit hym cos he fell out of love wit me first. unlike u i doo not hate hym for wat he did. im not mad im no lnger hurt. i doo miss hym sumtyms more than others days. i miss talking too hym i miss sharing everything wit hym. i doont miss hym i juss miss hym being thea. i want hym in my life nd if i have to come home everynite a cry myself to sleep bcus im not that person dat makes hym happy i will. but i will not be mad at hym i will be his friend.
She wishes he would listen to her just once, but he says he has better things to do.

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