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Love Quote Other Quotes - Part 12

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i may not be perfect but i am always me..x
I drop a tear in the ocean, when they find it, I'll stop loving you...
what can i do to make you see, she doesn't want to love you like me
If ur happy then good, but if ur heart broken cuz he sayz ur 2 much for him, then get up off ur butt n find some1 who ur good enough for!
He said "youre a dork", i agreed, he said "but i cant say you're MY dork anymore", and in my head i said "I wish you would".
"Please don't bathe in crimson pain; the weight of the love's distance is pain enough. There is a glass wall between us, although we cannot touch; we can read lips and eyes. Hidden and scarcely found; we melt the past's strifes. I love you, you love me..."
love is something when u feel something he willget it
Love is just an illusion people love to create...
I smiled at you
I gave you a friendly hug
I wish you gave me a kiss
Before you said goodbye for good.
Why Does It Take A Mistake to Realize What You've Lost
There are instances where two people can unintentionally seduce one another. It is absolutely unspoken, unforeseen, and forbidden. Most who have stumbled into this situation, feel some sort of flattery. There are some whose greatest possessions are unattainable aspirations. Few individuals who are young, and have been seduced, come to a degrading realization. Those who arrest the aspiration of immoral indulgence, have chosen or grasped their greatest aspirations. Most of the seduced individuals, do not realize the aspiration was flimsy in itself. For those who are young or young at heart; they wait for time to tell when unattainable aspirations become attainable.
no man is worth your tears, and when you find the one who is, he wont make you cry.
"All I ever wanted to hear you say was that you would be here for me no matter what, but you couldn't even say that."
"I thought I knew who you were. I thought you would never break my heart, but I guess I was wrong."
Let me sum it up for you ladies. Respect you.. And he wont know what to do with himself. Kick rock Dude.
"It kills me inside, but i can't stop thinking about him."
"It's so hard to believe another guy when you have been hurt so many times."

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