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Love Quote Other Quotes - Part 6

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you are the most perfect part of me
i'm happy, when i'm deeply in pain. i laugh, when it is hurting. i smile, when i'm sad.
do you know exactly what a heart is?i'll tell you, the heart is the only broken thing that still works:c
if you love someone set them free
the love we share something so special estar contigo is all i wanna do every night every since el primer dia the first day i knew it last forever if i had it my way so the days go on no ago otra cosa but dream about the momments our hearts will come closa holding tu mano and your face tan bonita never met another young lady senorita
there's only one thing that people would fall in love with their partners, that's by the look in their lover's eyes.
i could see that he loved me but he never did amit it he was a fool now he cant have me
it's hard to love,but it's harder when you will stop your heart to love, so what if after feeling love you feel pain then let it feel thin that because pain you feel stronger and because of love you can control everything,but you can never argue in to love again
"Do you like Bailey Staples?"
"Does Lee Purdy want to marry Hannah Wright and Hanna Paven?"
love is so unfair...you love him, but he loves somebody...
i got punished for loving u u made me yours and then left, you took away the right for me to live, yet she wished me a long life
Like me for who i am, not who you want me to be//
love is like the wind you cant see it but you can feel it even when it pushes you down!!
"i hate how much i love you"
"Never Say I Love You If You Don't Really Care; Never Talk About Feelings If They Aren't Really There; Never Hold My Hand If Your Gonna Break My Heart; Never Say Your Going To If You Don't Plan To Start; Never Look Into My Eyes Because You'll Just Make Me Cry; Never Say Hello If You Really Mean Goodbye; If You Really Mean Forever Than You Will Really Try; Never Say Forever Cause Forever's Just A Lie" -
Promise you won't forget me, because if i though you would, I would never leave.
I can say "Im over him" a million times and more. I could stand to laugh as if there's no tomorrow. I can perfectly curse his name but once he's around, I don't know and I can't explain why my heart beats so fast that I could hardly gasp, making me want to fall for him once again. After all that he put me through, he still owns the biggest part of me and the sad part is, I can do nothing about it..
love is blind bcoz its keep coming back even it really hurts alot.

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