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Never say “I love you”
If you really don’t care.
Never talk about feelings
If they really aren’t there.
Never hold my hand
if you’re gonna break my heart .
Never say you’re going to
If you don’t plan to start.
Never say hi
If you really mean goodbye.
And never say forever
because forever makes me cry.
Casey Mikel

One year back I remember walking in the mall with my sister, we came up meeting some of her school friends. So we decided to chill with them for a while, then one of my sister friend came up to me and said "You should go talk to that guy, he think's you're cute" And i was being shy , i didn't want to go talk to him but he was so determining for me to go talk to him, and my sis was like "Yea Latch you should" finally i took one step ahead and decided to go and say hi . After having alittle conversation with him, my sister's friend was like we should stay back to watch a movie. So we stayed back, and making our way into the movie theatre, we walked along each other talking, and we end up sitting together in the move theatre, While talking to him i realized something, I realized that i was falling in love with him, and this is the guy i've been looking for all my life. My heart start beating faster as the feelings get to me, my hands were getting cold, my feet were shaking i can feel the nervousness getting to me. I kept looking at him all the time, and when he looks at me i looked away, I was so nervous and scared i grabbed on to his hands. It was getting late and so i had to leave even though i didn't want to. I thought that i would never see him or hear from him ever again, he walked me home, while walking home i felt like i was letting go of something i wanted for a lifetime, but by the time i got home and went on facebook he requested me, I was so happy, i couldn't stop smiling, i spend hours talking to him, not feeling tired or sleepy, all i wanted was to keep talking and talking to let him know how i felt but i was too scared to let him know how i felt about him, mostly i was scared that he wouldn't accept me for who i am. A few days went by and i still stayed up hours talking to him. It was November 8, 2010, i was waiting for him to go online, i waited and waited, but he never showed up online, i began getting worried, after a while i started having a conversation with one of his friends asking about him, and the friend told me he was going to be on in a few minutes, so i continued waiting, then he came on, we started talking , and i started expressing my feelings to him, and then i said "I LOVE YOU" And he replied by sayinq "I LOVE YOU TOO BABE", at that moment i was so happy, i started smiling and crying at the same time cause it was the best thing that ever happen in my life. Today it's our One (1) Year Anniversary, and all i want to say is "HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY" You're everything i ever wanted in life, and having you in my life makes me so happy. I Love you baby ♥ ♥.. 11/08/10 ♥ ♥ Mustaq Hoosain & Latchmi Hoosain Love Forever && Always ♥ ♥

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You can also find more Love Quotes on our Love Talk forum. Please join us!
You can also find more Love Quotes on our Love Talk forum. Please join us!

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love quotations Only you can make me whole again...my love, my , my hart...my everything love quotationsNever cry for the one you love---because---the one you love wouldn�t make you cry love quotationsHere mate I love you love quotationsNever leave the one you love for the one you like cuz the one you like will leave you for the one they love!!! love quotationsToday�s precious moments are tomorrow's beautiful memories love quotationsNever leave the one you love for the one you like because they might leave you for the one they love love quotationsTo the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.... love quotationsNever frown even when you�re sad, because you never know who's falling in love with your smile... love quotationsLove is like a pen u can cross it but u can�t erase it love quotationsWhat is the meaning of love? When your are always rejected and lied to. love quotationsWhen you're in love you see nothing wrong with that person but as soon as you fight, there's nothing right love quotationsRoses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but not like you, roses fool, violets fade you get sweeter al by al love quotationsIf you�re not willing to sound stupid, you don�t deserve to be in love! love quotationsI love the way your hand us falls in yours. I love how your taste still lingers on my lips after that special goodnight kiss. I love how whenever I go to call someone I automatically dial your number. I love how you look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and smile that sweet smile. And I know right then and there that you will always be mine. I love how you hug me with the intention of never letting go. I love you more then words could ever show! love quotationsI LOVE YOU IS 8 LETTERS, BUT THEN AGAIN SO IS BULLSHIT!! love quotationsLife is too short to hate. Make every day a beautiful day not only for you but also for every body else love quotationsLove is a dick u love it then u get sick of it Typing a message, and then doesn't send it, Don�t you ever wonder what he was about To say, how it could've just maybe Changed your life forever ?
i love you
I love you you realy love me
if i has to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I love you.
thought it was easy to pretend that i love you, but it was really hard to pretend that i don't love you
" i love you so much, i cant describe in words, because you are my everything and you'll always will be" love you babeey!
"I love you more than words could ever say."
"I love you" are just words. pasion is what lies beneath.
"In consummate relationships you rarely hear the couple regarding to their passion as a bottomless pit... But that is exactly what my feelings towards you resemble. I think I love you to maximum capacity and like throwing a pebble into the pit you do something that makes me love you more. There have been moments when I am sure I could not care more about a person and then i wake up and realize over night my affection for you has grown stronger. I wonder if my pit for you will ever fil up but either way the love I have for you will always remain. I do not think finding that special person means your heart will be filled but rather it will gain the adroitness to never run out of space. After all the only thing better than having a full heart is the ability to always love more. " -Sarah Brown
"It takes a second to say i love you, but it takes a life time to show it!"
"Love is when you First learn how to say the "I" In I love you, then you can say thee "I love you."
"please, can you just be mine forever?"
thats how much i love you and its my heart's prayer
but i know its not rightand i cant still be happy if i get your love only in a wish
so i'll let you go even if it really hurts
'' Even u not Love me in real just tell me a lie I LOVE YOU I live for an ever''
(L) if i has to choose between LOVING YOU and BREATHING....i would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU (L)
(U) i love you... and you love her (U)
*****I love you and you used to love me. But now I think our love is drifting apart and there isn't any thing for me to hold on to you were all i have. And now you are no more. I am and for ever in love with you.
*****I used to think that I dont have a love of my life but now i see for the things that we went true there is love. and it is beautiful to know that you were always there by my side. I love you.
from: MP
*Boy Says* Im sorry but i Think i have finally realised that i love you, *Girl says* Its too late now, you had your chances, youve never cared, so why should i? *Moral of this story* Never wait for anyone who never cared,
--I love you and you'll [Never, Ever] know,,
....Dont let some one who loves you go away, or evn lose touch, coz 8s more than hurtache, when you finally say why didnt I Love you b4, Like I Love you now?, Now that you cant be mine,...
..i love you more than you'll ever know..now i know..heaven must exist..only you and me must live in our own world!..baby rodger..

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