He was my childhood & lifetime dreamboy love.My ex- boyfriend and me were madly in-love w/ each other until now since we broke up 12 years ago,Despite were married w/ kids.I have 2 kids both boys,& he has 5 children at 38y/o.He’s not happy w/ his wife and he was only bonded w/ love only for the sake of his children. I’m confused coz i love him more than my husband now. but were not seeing each other yet for 12 yrs since we departed fr our past relationship,I had a relationship w/ him then despite he’s married but i’m single that time & he was my dream boy since i was in elem grades until now.Now were communicating only thru text messages & call everyday and we haven’t seen each others yet still planning to take all the risks and give up everything in the name of love,it grown deeper each day since we started texting since June,2009.That we promised to be together for the rest of our life on our happiest moment until death do us part & were dreaming it and we PROMISED it.What are we gonna do?pls adivise IM SO CONFUSED… Thanks…

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