Well guy 1 in this story asked my best friend out and that was her best guy friend at the time and then a couple weeks later she was going out with guy2 and guy2 told me guy1 wanted to ask me out and so i said yes. but wen we went on our first date guy1 kept flirting with my best friend and that made guy2 mad and me mad. then a couple weeks later he went to the movies with my best friend and i was pissed! but not until we broke up i found out that 5other people had gone with them and wen we broke up he asked if guy2 had told me something and i said nothing to me and i couldnt believe he never even said i wanna break up he just let me do all the talking. then a couple days ago we had a big fite over things we should have talked about wen we were dating and im sooooooooooo confused!

(Screen) Name: Confused