I am in love with a man whom i know will never love me back in the same capacity. he is in love for someone else and cant seem to forget her or just move on and that hurts so bad knowing all that. she’s a married woman w a child. it really hurts to know all that and feel like i cant compare to her… i am single and much younger den her and more imptly, no baggage. he is emotionally unavailable. i have another guy that i was seeing and he treats me like a princess..he is still waiting for me… the difference is very obvious in the way tht they treat me… but i just seem to keep going back to him for some reason… decisions decisions. I wish he will just realise that he loves me just as much too. but i know i am just kidding myself. I rather hurt for the time being den to keep wanting and wishing for my lifetime.

(Screen) Name: inthemiddle