I have known him for nearly 10 years and before he was married to his second wife. We have always been attracted to each other and our paths finally crossed and although he was married, we connected last October when we started hanging out with each other during Trivia at the local bar and where our kids go and play trivia too. Eventually, we physically connected and have not been able to quit each other. His wife found out about us based on some speculation even though no one had ever seen us together in public but he confessed to her. For almost 3 weeks we would talk during the day and meet at the park etc because he truly believed that he may be followed. Well that was not the case because she does not know where I live. I tried to break it off with him thinking that was the best thing but it only lasted a day and I could not stand not having him in my life. He went on a vacation that he had plans with her and some friends and when he came home, he started coming back to my house and we have been together every day. I know that I am crazy because I am the other woman, I am always second and I am always waiting. He says he loves me and doesn’t want to quit me but he is not ready to quit being married either even tho he said his marriage is broke or he wouldn’t be with me. I am so torn and that I know this is not right but I am in love with a married man and I believe things happen for a reason and that we should be together. I wait and continue to wait patiently in order to see what will come of this and if he decides to leave.

(Screen) Name: katkat