hi everyone who happens to see this post.

This is my second love confession. Here we go…I confessed to my crush after hard thinking(around two months). I´m not sure of what to expect.
It all began when i aproached to him and tell him he´s handsome(at that time i didn´t had feelings for him. it´s something of the moment). Since then he tried to get my attention. He even asked me out, but i dind´t take it seriously because another friends began to laugh about it ( it was a very spontaneous and funny sitaution). But, it all made me notice him (more than anyone) and so I tried to avoid any contact with him(i panicked). One day he hold me from behind and I almost scaped from the place. He asked me if I hated him, which make me think about my behavoiur and feelings. So, a realised my love to him and during our meeting at work, i felt very councionus of him. He noticed. I´m 4 years older than him so, since then, I tried to felt calm and act friendly. Days later, I decided to tell him about it during a conversation we held by internet. He was shocked and asked me why, within all guys at work, I chose him, if he even didn´t respect himself? From then on he hasn´t stared or talked with me.
What does his beahavoiur mean? I  wonder….

thanks for reading.

(Screen) Name: mollly