I need help. Serious help before i do damage to myself. And my family. I am 18. I just want to be happy. My last relationship, I got pregnant. Forced to abort. I lied to the world and said I had gotten sick so they didnt have to know what i did. Lies went bad. I began to look like a monster. A sinner. To this day I will never forget what i have done. I throw myself to every guy who sweet talks me. I am vulnerable. I hurt myself so much. I just dont know what to do. I feel stupid for writing this. I dont know If I will even hit submit. No one will read. I feel like a monster. Like the devil. I am a bad person. A liar. A murderer. I am horrible. I am not worth to be here. The world hates me. It hates me. I just have no idea anymore i just dont know. I have lied so much in my life. Ome lie makes a whole lot others. Idk how to change. I need to change now. But I need help.

(Screen) Name: Grisselle