I met this guy three years ago he kept asking me out and I would always say if I was not married i’d be all over you when I found out my spouse was cheating I decided to give in in the the next time he approached me and did i mess up, i fell and fell hard, I never admited this to him after about four dates I stop seeing him and each time he would ask me out I would say no but my Heart and body screamed yes yes please do me. The last time I spoke with him they was happy as they were that was almost three years ago. We live in the same town and work in the same town a few miles away. We are both business owners in a ajoining town so naturally we cross path coming and going to work daily. One night on my way home a vehichle was trailing me too close for about 2 miles and then went around me and cut in front of me very sharpley it was a uncomfortable thing for me and I was going to approach him about it after I realized it was him but did not have a chance to. Since then we have met up at a resteraunt and they spoke nicely. but I can not get pass the road rage. I know we can never have a relationship but there is a attitute in the air that needs resolution I do not want to be the instulator of this descussion. I could never leave my husband even though the relationship is hollow almost without life i,m content and I belief they are in a relationship as well but there is so much tension when we see one another it is unconfortable on Christmas Eve they passed me and my husband outside of a local restruant and I said Merry Christmas and they said Merry Christmas Baby what a extreme from road rage to Merry Christmas Baby. What do you do

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