Hi! I’m currently in on an online relationship for 2 months now, He has a girlfriend and I’m married but planning to separate to my hubby, cause well just really that the love has gone and I feel like I’m really inlove with this guy online… AM I CRAZY? I mean trusting someone online? but yeah we’re planning to meet and he said he wants to have a baby with me, hubby don’t know yet bout this so as his girlfriend but, we really feel madly deeply inlove, we talked everyday and text and exchange emails…truthfully though, I would chose him over my hubby…but now I’m confused if he really loves me cause he’s not breaking up with his girlfriend yet which he says he doesn’t love her anymore… but I wonder why he cannot break her up? I just really feel so sonfused now but I really wanna keep him, my online bf…. I love him so much and I never felt this way before… I am sure of this… I am willing to give up everything, but the question is, does he feel the same thing? although yeah he said I’ll never lose him,… So I just need to trust him??? whatcha think?

(Screen) Name: zweetstrawberry