I’m 20 years old and I left my hometown two months ago. Not only I left the memories of my childhood, but also I left the man whom I secretly fall in love with.
I met him when I attended and became a member of a Baptist Church nearby. He is a military student of a nearby academy. He will be graduating next year.
He is the son of one of the church leaders, Sir Jojo, a retired military officer and a well good woman- Maam Joy. They belong to a well good family.They have an intact family relationship. While in my case, I’m a daughter of a single parent, grew up in a province, and the only Baptist Christian in the family. My family is not well good one, only we live a simple kind of living.
His name is Micheal. Micheal and I is not so close. He just treat me as a church co-member. He has no idea that from the beginning, I have a special feeling for him.
I don’t know if we will be going to see each other again but I only pray to God that he is my dream guy- the guy I want to be the father of my future kids.
The situation now is very dull. It seems my love for him has no hope because I settle in another country, we have no communication and we have different family and financial status.
Only faith is my hope to be with him someday. I wish God will answer my prayer soon. But if God will not, I know He has a better plan for my lovelife.

(Screen) Name: lenlen