So I’m not really sure how to confess about this one and in all honesty I’m confessing about VERY wrong things! ! Well I’ll start off with I’m only 17 and you must keep this in mind as you listen to my story, I’m asking for everyone to hear me out I need any advice for the situation I got myself into. The following story is very true and in no way being made off the top of my head.
So I have a step brother he is 32(keep the ages in mind) not only is he 15 years older than me, butt he has also been my step brother for 10 years. I consider him my brother and it will always be that way. But during the summer of 2011 we ended up getting really close like a little bit to close. And on one of our drunken nights together he initiated sexual intercourse with me, I won’t go into details but we did everything except sex. He cheated on his girlfriend with me, and I cheated on my boyfriend. But it was a little different for him because hes been raising her kids for the passed 3 years and my relationship wasn’t very serious cause clearly I’m still YOUNG. Anyways just last Friday night Jan 20, 2012 he ended up getting kicked out of his girlfriends apartment and he came over to my mom and his dads house, where I live and he spent the night. And we ended up having sex, yes we used a condom but the point is I’ve been having sexual intercourse with my own stepbrother for the past 6 months and I’m not sure what to do and not only that but if our parents found out they would kill us cause he’s 15 years older than me.

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