Hi, I am a freshman in college. My best friend and I have been friends for four years and going to be five in a couple of days. He knows I have a rule of beening friends with guys and i am not trying to make nothing more than friendship. But right now, I think im in love with him. I don’t know what to think, because I have never been in love. I never like the word of Love, i saw many friends and family members that are so torn up about it for a couple of years and some are happy with the word love. He told me already he loves me, and its just been about close to four months since he said it. I don’t know if i should believe him. He has never told anybody he loves them. He didn’t even tell his ex-girlfriend who was pregnant but had a miscarriage he loved her. Im the first girl he can tell. Him and I are very similar in ways we don’t understand. We both hated the word love, we are totally honest with each other even when it is very hurtful, we don’t see our lives without being there for each other, we are total goof balls, we are opposite of each other, and we like each others company. Ever since he had said he loves me, we have been talking about the feelings he has been having. I say its just the spring fever, but I don’t know if he really does love me or not. He wants to make it more than bestfriends and take the next step to being a couple. Sometimes I would want to be a couple with him, then i change my mind very quickly about things i am unsure of. But i also want to keep us as bestfriends because i am afraid, if we do try are we going to be able to be bestfriends even if we don’t work out. I don’t want to lose him. When we just hang out with just him and me, its like he is a total different person, he shows me what kind of guy he is when he is in a relationship. It’s just my fear of losing him that is keeping me from going along with him and meeting him the other half way. I havent told him about my feelings for him because I don’t want to get hurt for thinking he was serious. I don’t know what to think or say. I want us to stay best friends. I try to say lets take a break from talking to each other, but it never works. We both need each other. And nobody else in our group of friends, which are merely guys, knows about his feelings for me. We have been keeping it a secret from everybody. Im going out of my mind not speaking to anybody i know about it. Can you help me please?

(Screen) Name: Jessica