hi im in grade 8 :)i have a big crush on to boys but i dont even know which 1 i like they both are fun,cool,kind,believes in what is right. but if you see my friends like them to they think i like boys from other school and they think i hate them but i can’nt tell them i like them at all because they all get jealous 1 boy is ver poplaur around the school but he is a flirt type he says he go out with all these gurls i think its a lie.lol. but the 2nd guy is alot diff he is alittle hated but not as much he is not a geek both are briany but they arent geeks but the second guy is nt much of a flirt does nt knw wat blush mean or flirt he is soo funny
im so worried if i should tell my friends??
will they get mad or say eww he does not suit you??
which guy suits me??
do you think they will like me to ??
🙂 🙂 thxs soo much 4 ur help

(Screen) Name: jane