I’m a Netizen … and I’m always online 24/7. Then, one night, My friend dare me to gain 300 friends only from Egypt in just one day. I totally agreed to her and I’d started searching friends from Egypt. Until I add a guy who caused so much pain on me.
It’s my habit to check my fb and email account after going to school. Then, I just saw in my inbox that he messaged me (I can’t say his name) he just say “hi, where are you from?” something like that, then I saw him online so, I replied him, answering his questions and we continued chatting for about how many months. But it comes the time that I just found myself that I’m falling inlove with him. One night, while we are chatting, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him “NBSB” or No Boyfriend Since Birth, but I have a deep crush on someone. He asked me who’s that lucky guy and I just answered, “the one whom I’m talking right now”. He was surprised with my answer but I surprised more when he said “I also had a feelings for you” (I don’t know what would I feel that night whether I will be happy or will be hurt caused I just found out that he had a girlfriend, and what’s worst? His girlfriend was an “ITGirl” or the one who is good at all aspects of life. I’m not that type of a girl who got envy with any other pretty girl I see but she made me very envious and jealous because she had everything eventhough the dream guy of mine.) after that, I’m trying to avoid him because I don’t want to destroy their relationship and I don’t want to be their reason of breaking-up. But I can’t avoid him because It’s not that easy … So when we chatted again, I told him if we can be Best Friends because he’s only the one who always help me if I have a problem and I just do the same to him.. He totally agreed and so, we became Best friends that day but not until now ..

It’s just very hard to accept that your’e just in a FRIENDZONE …

(Screen) Name: aishiteruyoomar