My friends call me Sha2x, im first year college and i met this guy in our school! he is my classmate! first i didn’t like him! its just like he is so much arrogant but later on i see his another side of attitude. He is caring, and talented.But i found out he lives together with a gay. But my feeling for him doesn’t fade. 2 days before my birthday when i decided to get a sign from God, and that sign is “if he can go together with us for a little bonding i will accept who is really him, accept all his past and show him what is really love.” And it was my birthday, im so glad that he came. Even though it’s not easy that we are together but i always remind myself that i will always understand him and that’s a promise ! Also i never want to expect that he will love me also the way i love him, all i want is to prove that im always here to love him, and make him feel so special!

(Screen) Name: esha