hello , i feel really pathetic that im even asking for advice but im in a reltionship ans have been for over a year and a half , im 15 and my boyfriends 16 we live quit a distance away from each other and the time we spend together isnt much , im madly inlove with him and think everything about him is perfect but i have this friend at school (male) and we got really close i messaged him and he was the for me but one day he admitted he liked me and up untill then i had no feelings other than fiendship we started talking more and more and he knew i had a boyfriend i didnt flirt with him but my feelings for him grew then one day my boyfriend mentioned he had a problem with me messaging him and talking to him and requested that i stop talking to him via texting and face to face , i simply said that me and him were just friends but okay ill stop texting and ill try and avoid him as i know how i would feel if he was massaging another girl , but the only problem with this is that my friend doesnt want to stop talking to me , ive told him to leave me alone (as painful as it was) but he calls and messages hoping for a reply but i give none, im with him in alot of classes at school and he constantly makes eye contact and trys to talk to sit next to me but i cant as i dont want to jepadise my relationship. i still care deaply for this boy and will always be there for him but in the mean time the boy i love comes first , how can i make my friend stop talking to me with being harsh , ow and he also has a girlfriend wich coincidently hates also what can i say to my boyfriend as i feel like he has a constant watch over me and everything i do as i have to constanlt update him on who ive spoke to and if me and my (ex) friend have spoke.

(Screen) Name: anonomouse