We have a connection

my name is Paige. Me and Ashton have been dating for a few weeks. we were friends for a few months before and he liked me but i just wasnt interested. soon he just started looking right for me. he helped me with my problems and was there for me whenever i needed him. i realized he is the one i need. one day i was over my friends house crying about Nick my ex. we had a really bad brake-up. Ashton talked to me for hours. i told him how i felt, he told me how he felt,and now he’s my other half. my sister knows how i feel. she understands me. but why is it my dad doesn’t? im his youngest so i think he thinks that i’m growing up to fast. mabee i am. but i know how i feel. and no one can stop that. i think i am falling in love for him and he’s ready to catch me. we go together so well. we ignore eachothers flaws, we like eachother for who we are. now heres the big shocker…im only 12.

(Screen) Name: Paige<3



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