I had a hard time trusting guy, especially those who are romantically involved with me. This happen because, i always end up being hurt by my boyfriends, and it was a hard thing to accept. I’m a person who can’t accept changes. If i do need to accept, i need time. I came in and out of relationship for my 21 years. Sometimes, i get tired thinking that true love never exist and i will never be able to have someone who truly loves me for who i am. 2 years ago, i met this guy and we fell for each other. We always have our ups and downs, but mainly we were always fighting due to not trusting each other. We tried so hard, to make it work and we did actually at this point of time. Suddenly, it was on my birthday, when someone told me that my boyfriend actually cheated on me with another girl for 2 weeks. I was completely confused for who i shall want to trust. After much asking him, he confess it was true. I was very badly affected by it until now and im having a hard time trusting him once again. I want to make it work, i still love him. I forgive him, but i just cant accept the fact that he could actually do that to me. I keep thinking about it and become paranoid most of the time. We’ve been fighting non stop since then. I know, we love each other still, but how am i supposed to go like this, can someone help me please. ='(

(Screen) Name: brokenhearted