We met at our present duty station and I cant think about leaving him. We both get deployed in July…. to different countries. And in a few short months we’ll have to part ways for uptraining before we go. His home town is 1500 miles away from mine.
But this guy is so amazing, f#cking fantastic. I can connect with him unlike I ever have with anyone else. We literally spend all of our free time together, even if its just to sit and read. He’s so smart and responsible and fun and quirky and sexy. I just can’t leave that…..
A fling in this life is nothing to turn your head at, it happens all the time. But this is different.
Maybe spending a year seeing eachother on skype when we can and being miserably lonely and trying to figure out who is moving where when we get back is worth it? If we even still fel the same then? Who knows, my battles say go for it bc why not. But I dont know if a relationship built over such a short time period is capable of such resilience.
I guess I’ll find out, what do you think?

(Screen) Name: love in a crazy life