My first love was 27 years ago at the age of 15…always in my heart and mind. Eight months ago…we reconnected online and have chatted since — sharing thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. Just recently, I found all of his letters!! I scan and send him 1x week….I feel like I’m 15!! Why am I feeling like this??? There is such a strong connection and HE is all I think about!! We decided to chat on the phone — almost 2 hrs…the problem is…we have yet to discuss marital status — he knows I have kids, I know he has kids….but yet, no mention of spouse.  He lives 800 miles away and we talk about where we could meet and spend time together…there is such a strong spiritual connection — I have no idea how to control my feelings for him or no idea what is going on…but, it’s the most amazing feeling ever…and I never want it to go away! Am I being completely selfish….

(Screen) Name: Lynn