There is this guy he’s my best friend for 3years and every time we do silly stuffs to each other and when am with him i feel very safe , happy and so special but he told me his secret that she like this girl and i felt really jealous after that when i got home i lock myself on my room and wrote all the things that happened and after that i really really cried a lot because i was really afraid that he will leave me and spend some more time with the girl she likes then the day i was afraid come came my best friend now has a relationship with the girl now we never hang out he haven’t even spoken to me since then !! every night i cried and wish that he will comeback . and the stars did my wish my best friend came back to me because the girl that she likes was to bossy , aggressive and very moody . now the problem is now that i realized i love him i don’t know how to tell hm but if i tell him will he ever notice it or just laugh it i don’t wanna be a fool loving him while he just love me as a friend it hurts and im afraid to lose him again and im afraid to to tell him how i feel about him !

(Screen) Name: ming-ming