okay i am in love with this guy named sebastian we call him sebay. sebay and i went out for 4 months tops and than he broke up with me last september and my heart broke up into pieces .so i have been secretly loving him since than but than he got a gf named carolyn and they went out for about 1 month than she broke up with him. but one day i went to my friend b-day and after the party he read one of my guy friends txts and found out i liked him than one day we were at an assembley an my guy friend told him to ask me our and said she rlly likes u and thats when i could barley breath my heart started pounding like crazy and my cheeks were red as poppys on remmberence day and i couldnt think at all. after that day i have been blushing and smiling everytime i hear his name or see him.now people are saying that he rlly likes me or hes gunna ask me out but i think negative and i can tell that he dusnt like me enough to go oout with me .and people r now telling me to go out with him but i dont know wat to do!

(Screen) Name: faby