*sign* Well, On Sunday, my girlfriend of almost two years told me that she thinks it;s a good idea for us to take a break. She said she needs to do some soul-searching and figure out what she wants. I’m really devastated but I know that this will be better in the end. I’m a Virgo and she is an Aries. I know we are totally opposites however, opposites attract and I really feel like we will be back together because we were so great together. She really has made me realize a lot and I know I’ve made her realize a lot. I honestly feel like she is the one and only one for me. I don’t have ANY desire to go and date anyone because I was with the one girl that is meant for me. And I’m willing wait for her because she is worth it. I know she will realize what we had together was amazing and she knows I’m waiting for her return. She is the only one who will make me happy and I’m not going to give up on what we had. I’m more in love with her even more so. Recently, before this happened she met this girl name Brenna. From the start, I kind of figured she liked her but my girl wasn’t sure if she would date. Well, I know now that she is more likely going to try it out with her. Ugh…it hurts me so so bad, but I know this is for her to realize what we had together. Me and my girl, are now best friends, but for me I feel like it’s still a relationship. I’m constantly thinking about everything she said and thinking what she’s doing throughout the day. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that we will be with Brenna but I’m pretty much feel like their not going to last long because of the fact that their pretty much the same person and also Aries & Cancer really don’t work in relationships. So I’m not so worried but it’s the fact that what I shared with my girl is now going to be shared with someone else. I’m just really trying to let go and pray for her return to my arms soon. I’m really figuring that it be better that we were back together when we are living out on our own that way its a fresh start in our relationship. I am happy though that we are Best Friends because I know I would rather have her as a friend then not at all & also because with that there is a chance that we’ll be back together. I love her with all my heart & soul and I know she will realize that she wants to be back with me. I pretty much know because I know her to well. Whether or not she wants to admit it…I know she’s meant to be with me forever. I strongly believe that you don’t have to keep dating one person after another when you realize you were with the one you want, you know that one person is meant for you. I felt strongly that when I first met my girl, a voice popped in my mind that basically told me “She’s the one and only one for me”…so I’m just trying to take this a day at a time and give her space and as much as it hurts me to know that she’s going to date Brenna, I know it’s for her to realize what she really wants, which is me. I’m a strong Virgo, and once a Virgo realizes that there is a certain person they want to be with, they will wait for that person to come around…and I know that my girl, Amber, is wait so worth waiting for.
I LOVE YOU, Amber…with all my heart and I so can’t wait till we’re back together. It’s going to be so much stronger.
Brianna Lewis

(Screen) Name: xxSimmer