hi,lets call me just B,i am 31 YO and i am mistress by choice and with knowlodge that he is already married. everybody is talikngabout the mistress like they are the devil’s wife.to be “the other one” is not so bad like it sounds,everybody is saying ;he will never be with u,he will never live his wife. guess what:i dont want that. i dont want to be the one that he wakes up in the morning beside me,or smelling his forts for the next 20 years,but i do love him.i mean i care so much for him,i care for him to not hurt his kids and her of course,we laugh and gossip about everything like the best best friends ever.we meet every 2 weeks in a diffrent state or town,we also dont live in the same citys.we talk a lot and we feel this crazy comfortabile,calm and relaxed toghether. i am saying we,becouse right now we are toghether in ny,and he told the same things., he is snoring like crazy and this is another wake up call that makes me happy i am the other one. i am not here to confess nothing,i just chosed to be a mistress,i ve always been,sometimes i think that i ll be like this all my life,i want to have a men like this for all my life. no questions,no compromises. i am geting everything i ever asked for,i would never harm that or his marriage just to have him for me. he is better there for everybody,.
i am the one who is teaching about stuff like: when u are in a bussines trip,u are the first one that calls all the time FIRST! no parfume or lotion on me,no texts or emails in the family accounts,i never call him, just by email .whenever he can we do everything we ve waited another 2 weeks! i ve always had a weekness for the taken ones, am I sick??

(Screen) Name: B