i met this lad in high school last year and he’s 3 years older then me, i was in year 7 and he was in year 9 and he told me he liked me so we got together and were together for about 8-9 months and he’s the first lad ive ever properly loved in my life and we broke up once because of he thought i cheated on him when i never, this was all about 8 months ago now – and now were ok but i got with this other lad a couple weeks ago and on Facebook the lad ( the first lad ) who i met in the summer stopped talking to me because he always used to comment on everything and was my top follower, and 2 weeks ago i broke up with the other lad and lately ive been putting ‘down’ status’ and lad 1 is always asking if im okay and stuff. and in school he always looks at me and smiles, but he leads aload of other girls on so i dont know if he still likes me or not!? im still madly in love with you though. any help?:'(

(Screen) Name: just a somebody