There are many different kinds of love. There’s love at first sight when you just know hes the one just by a glance there’s also the cupids aro where you just cant help your self but to just lose control when your with them, there’s also diatic partner- ship love which is the most honest level that you can get to. Last and the most painful the unrecruited love it’s like they know who you are and leave you clues thinking that they love you but then just to find out he has a girlfriend and was just using you for a $1.25 to buy a drink out of the alacart lunch line. And you can’t say no cause you fell like if you say no he will hate you and all you want to do is make him happy so he will reconsider going out with you even when you know he’s out of your league. Hi my name is i cant tell you but i go to DMMS and i am the love expert just in case your wondering… It started out with a guy named kris. His eyes were beautiful and i was new at school so i didnt have a clue who anyone was and at first he was kinda a jerk until i knew him then i fell in love. But honestely no one knows what love really is. Some think its about money,kissing,and alot of people just think its about sex. Well i just went by personality i mean call me old fashion but thats how i am non like other tweens who just go buy if the guy is a good kisser or if hes so desprate that he will go out with you anyway back to the story… so right when i thought he was the one he didnt talk to me and then he just started to date the cutest girl in school but personaly i dont think shes that pretty but then he changed and then just using me and my friends for money and now he doesnt talk to me

(Screen) Name: hebr0kema<3